5 Scandinavian Design Trends For 2021



I’m always watching Scandinavia because I find that designers and brands there are so in touch with the importance of design supporting well-being, with objects and furnishings possessing an understated elegance, made beautifully, crafted well, clear design… All of this inspires me so much and aligns with what I believe to be important when it comes to choosing things for the home. I thought today I would take you through some of the wonderful new products from Bolia and, at the same time, share 5 Scandinavian Design Trends for 2021, some of which were trends in 2020 as well, but have followed us into the new year.




1200x1800_link-palm-reflection-rheolog-forma-net basket.png



1. First, let’s take a look at SLIM profiles. This also reminds me of the new iMac that just launched – Apple was very focused this time on making their iMacs extremely slim so the profile is nearly non-existent. Slim profiles are important in many Scandinavian design objects as well. Often mirrors are frameless and slim, or if frames they are very elegant and slim…. Slim legs on tables, lighting, and so forth.

Of course, not everything has a slim profile, there are plenty of chunky sofas and vases, etc. However, I’m sure you can imagine examples of many Scandi brands that carry lovely things that are light in appearance, almost seem to be floating, because the legs are slim and barely noticeable (for instance on plant stands, coffee tables, and sofas). I would say that slim legs on a sofa (or none at all) are a hallmark of modern Danish design, for instance.

800x1200_forest-forma (2).png

2. Next, let’s consider beige beige beige and more beige but with TOUCHES of gray. I know, Pantone told us YELLOW and GRAY all the way, but I see more and more clients, friends, and Instagram influencers turning to beige and creamy whites with touches of gray added in but NOT as the focus. The general feeling has been that we need warmth in our homes and that gray felt too cold. Gray was a trend for years, I feel beige deserves the spotlight for the time being. Beige is calm, warm, and soft. Lots of natural wood this year, it’s all about wood and being in touch with nature, along with beautiful hand-crafted quality.


3. Let’s talk about airy lighting. When you have spent a good year in your home on Corona lockdown as so many in Europe and the Scandinavian countries have, you want MORE light at home, not less. You want nothing blocking your sunlight! Basically, anything that helps us to feel lighter – which maybe goes back to SLIM profiles. We are so overwhelmed by this pandemic, I imagine the less weighed down we feel from objects, the better. Except when it comes to sofas… Sofas seem to have taken over as THE center attraction in most homes which leads me to…


800x1200_cosima-mix-reflection-forma-classic cushion-model (2).png

bolia sofa 2 decor8.png

4. Modular sofas, no legs or hidden legs. I’m seeing so many opt for sofas without legs or covered legs – and sofas that aren’t so delicate or petite – full-on big sofas that allow the whole family, and the dog, on top for a night of Netflix. I love the Cosima sofa from Bolia, and also their Aya sofa. Both are excellent examples of this trend.

Again, this is most likely driven by being at home so much for the past 12+ months. You just want to put your feet up. I also think the need for modular sofas is a big part of this because then you can easily move them around and change things up because when you’re home a lot, you tend to get tired of things more quickly and seek change. I also notice sofas with slipcovers more and more, again driven by overuse in Corona times I imagine.


5. Brushed Gold. This is still a trend, it seems to be sticking around, and I’m so happy that we’re not going back to pewter, silver, rose gold, or copper yet. I see brushed gold as holding some staying power; I welcome it to stick around and warm us up for a while longer. It’s so elegant. I just love these lamps and pendants above from Bolia, they are from the new Reflection series designed by Asger Risborg Jakobsen and I can’t stop looking at them – especially the pendants. I’d love 3 of them down my hallway…

What are some Scandinavian design trends that you’ve noticed?



(Images: Bolia)