14 Brands Making Waves With The Wiggly Trend


14 Brands Making Waves With The Wiggly Trend

by Sasha Aarons

Wavy serving boards by TS Makers. Photo – Nigel Lough. Stylist – Elizabeth Lough.

Vase collaboration between Hattie Molloy and Nicole Lawrence. Photo – Hattie Molloy.

Nicole Lawrence’s ‘Smooth’ shelves in sand. Photo – Nicholas Wilkins.

Oscar Piccolo’s Lampada Cappello. Photo – Oscar Piccolo.

Photo – courtesy of Kitaboodle.

1. TS Makers

Breadboards need not be merely geometric and utilitarian. TS Makers wooden serving boards are like gentle, giant puzzle pieces perfect for everyday use or special occasions.

Handmade by a husband-and-wife duo in Sydney, each design is made from reclaimed Australian timbers including blue gum, brush box, yellow gum, ironbark, jarrah and spotted gum.

Shop the TS Makers range here.

2. Nicole Lawrence

Alongside lighting pieces, industrial designer Nicole Lawrence makes curvy, colourful steel furniture from her Northcote workshop. Her signature ‘Smooth’ shelf comes in seven different colours (plus a custom option!) and at least three sizes.

Just a few weeks ago, the designer launched a series of curvaceous two-tone vases in collaboration with florist, Hattie Molloy.

See Nicole’s wavy shelves here.

3. Oscar Piccolo

It’s not often that we feature an international designer, but Oscar Piccolo’s Lampada Cappello is so good how could we not? Plus, it’s in every covetable space right now.

The designer is based between London and Sicily, his curved iron bases (crafted by a metalworker in Palermo) topped with a pleated shade are the stuff of Instagram legend. And for good reason!

See more about Oscar Piccolo here.

4. Kitaboodle

When we featured these piped Kitaboodle cushions in the home of Curated Spaces projects manager Leah Holt, they sold out immediately. And we can see why!

The scalloped edged pillows come in a range of alternating colourways such as lilac and cream, peach and green, and red and white. And there are napkin sets to match!

The next drop is available for pre-order here.

The Wavy vase. Photo – Lucas Wearne.

The Formosa coat-stand. Photo – Tom Ross.

Left: The Delilah dining table and Wavy Floor Mirror from Knot Studio. Photo – courtesy of Knot Studio. Right: Candle by Sabu x Memento. Photo – Sabu Studio.

5. Neighbourhood Studio

Lucas Wearne carves his limestone pieces from the back of his Thornbury home, making sculptures, plinths and columns from the rough material. But his curvaceous vases and lamps take the cake!

6. Real Non-Real

We said that big things were in-store for interior designer-in training, Brigitte Owers-Buccianti, when we featured her Formosa coat-stand last year, and considering it’s shortlisted in the furniture category of The Design Files + Laminex Design Awards, our judges clearly agree!

Made under her brand Real Non-Real, the powder-coated, industrial-inspired steel coat stand comprises a white cement conical base, undulating wave racks and a circular mid-height tray. Wardrobe, bedside table, coat-rack: it can be anything you want it to be!

See more from Real Non-Real here.

7. Knot Studio

Founded by Alex Johnson and Joel Taylor in Sydney, the duo drew on their experience in interior design and custom joinery to design an entire wavy collection! Knot Studio‘s beautiful timber pieces comprise wavy mirrors, cupboard handles and a dining table.

We particularly love the wiggly legs on the Delilah Dining Table. So good!

See more from Knot Studio here

8. Memento x Sabu

These soy candles are handmade in Melbourne by Sabu Studio in collaboration with online store Memento come in a pair – because two is always better than one!

See more here.

Ella Reweti vases. Photo – Makers’ Mrkt.

Ella Reweti incense vessel. Photo – Makers’ Mrkt.

The Frill table by MakeBelieve. Photo – courtesy of CCSS.

The Drop lamp by MakeBelieve. Photo – courtesy of CCSS.

9. Ella Reweti

How could we do a piece on wavy pieces without including the work of ceramcist Ella Reweti? Impossible! Her corrugated vases and vessels are inspired by the simple repeated patterns found in nature, realised in a soft colour palette inspired by the colours of the Australian bush.

See Ella’s work on her website here or on Makers’ Mrkt here.

10. CCSS

Designed by CCSS founders Clare and Sonam and handmade in Melbourne – the MakeBelieve range is part of the broader CCSS universe. The Drop lamp stands at a metre-and-a-half tall with a rhythmic sculptural stem and covered in black, white, olive or violet enamel gloss paint.

The Frill table is a side-table with a tripod base fringed with waves. They are available in a muted palette of clay pot, beige, light pink or bronze.

See more from MakeBelieve here.

The Ostrea Rock glass vase by Hein Studio from Mette Collections. Photo – courtesy of Mette Collections.

Scalloped table linen from Bed Threads. Photo – Benito Martin.

Two tone napkin and matching placemat sets from Bed Threads. Photo – Benito Martin.

11. Hein Studio

These warped glass Ostrea Rock Vases designed by Danish brand Hein Studio (sourced from Mette Collections) are dappled with soft indentations, making them appear like rippling water as much as curvy waves. Double whammy!

See more here.

12. Bed Threads

Linen aficionados Bed Threads don’t just do beds, they are very into tables now too! Their glorious new range of scalloped napkins and placemats are wiggly and delicious. Perfect table-shaping material.

Shop the range here.

Left: The Foli collection of side tables by Lauren Lea Haynes. Photo – Jess Brohier. Right: Table by Billy Furniture. Photo – courtesy of Billy Howard.

13. Lauren Lea Haynes

Lauren Lea Haynes works in limestone sculpture and furniture, but her powder-coated Foli collection of side-tables are the stars of the show! With large undulating edges, the colourful pieces have sides that roll like a soft swell.

See more here.

14. Billy Furniture

Billy Furniture is helmed by carpenter Billy Howard, who has refined his trade into a craft over the last few years. And he’s found a style of his own in the process.

His Sadie, Beatrice and Evelyn tables carry the same soft petal edges, with timber stems for legs and a colourful top.

See more here.