11 Brilliant Lighting Designs That Will Light Up Your Life!



11 Brilliant Lighting Designs That Will Light Up Your Life!

by Lucy Feagins, Editor

LEFT: Alex Earl Lighting, Alex Earl. Photo – Alex Earl. RIGHT: South Drawn, Globosus Pendant. Photo – Timothy Kaye

Articolo Lighting, Loopi Wall Sconce

Conceived as a braided design of interlocking loops, the ‘Loopi Wall Sconce’ by Articolo is reminiscent of sculptural wall jewellery, confident in shape and form but quietly sophisticated. The brass bracket holds a tube of frosted glass entwined in a ‘pinky promise’-like figure.

Alex Earl Lighting, Alex Earl

Made using a glass casting process, Alex Earl’s collection of sculptural lighting pieces encompasses both wall sconce and pendant features. Each rough and textured shade is unique due to the unpredictability of the glass moulding process.

South Drawn, Globosus Pendant

Commissioned for a contemporary interior in a heritage building, South Drawn created a constellation of crumpled mesh globes attached to the end of spindly brass arms. The aim was to create a delicate, ethereal installation giving the illusion of floating through space.

LEFT: Takeawei, Stack Lamp. Photo – Carli Wilson. RIGHT: Dean Norton, Daylight. Photo – Dean Norton.

Dean Toepfer & Liam Fleming, Solute Chandelier. Photo – Dean Toepfer.

Takeawei, Stack Lamp

An extension of Takeawei‘s ‘Lighthouse’ table lamp (which was shortlisted last year, too!), the ‘Stack’ lamp sees a frosted bulb balanced on a terracotta clay base. Each piece stands at approximately 75cm tall.

Dean Norton, Daylight

Disturbed by the amount of time spent indoors last year, designer Dean Norton attempted to mitigate elevated rates of stress, anxiety, loneliness, and depression by bringing the outdoors in. ‘Daylight’ is a sculptural, frosted glass, therapy lamp with a floating, full spectrum globe that mimics natural sunlight.

Dean Toepfer & Liam Fleming, Solute Chandelier

This two-tier, 18-head chandelier by Jam Factory colleagues Dean Toepfer and Liam Fleming is the outcome of upscaling an existing modular light system. Building on the ‘Solute’ pendant light, the ‘Solute’ chandelier is an adaptable, large-scale feature light made by combining artisan glass blowing techniques with modern design technologies.

LEFT: Ivana Taylor Design, Wrapped Gestures Light. Photo – Dean Toepfer. RIGHT: svikis., Layers. Photo – Jason Paparoulas

Ivana Taylor Design, Wrapped Gestures Light

These sculptural standing lights are the outcome of Ivana Taylor’s combined interest in timber and textile. Shaped in circular and arched forms, these unique designs diffuse a soft, ambient glow.

svikis., Layers

Comprising an opal white acrylic box and geometric acrylic sheets in alternating shapes and colours, the ‘Layers’ lamp by svikis. is completely customisable. The lamp is made portable via a USB charging point and flatpack dissembly capabilities.

Edward Linacre, Sun. Photo – Francesco Vicenzi 

LEFT: Ross Gardam, Arbour Linear Pendant. Photo – Haydn Cattach. RIGHT: Figgoscope, STARDUST Lamp. Photo – Jonathon Griggs 

Edward Linacre, Sun

Through the amalgamation of traditional basket weaving and modern digital design, Edward Linacre of Copper Design created an expandable timber mesh that could be woven into an intricate geometric network lighting shade. The final, large-scale design mimics unfolding sunflower petals and radiates light inwards.

Ross Gardam, Arbour Linear Pendant

The ‘Arbour Linear Pendant’ by Ross Gardam is a continuous timber form made from solid walnut, rock maple or oak capped with champagne-hued anodised aluminium. It is designed to be an elegant downlight solution.

Figgoscope, STARDUST Lamp

Intrigued by the effect of light travelling through the mixture of new translucent coloured resin and the glittering waste of the perspex particles, Marta Figueiredo of Figgoscope produced the ‘Stardust Lamp’ at home during lockdown using liquid resin and silicone.