mHouse: Innovative Modern Residence with an Eye on the Future!



There are occasions when the tried and the tested works best. Then there are times when you want to innovate and break away from conventions to forge an entirely new path. As with everything else, trying something novel comes with its owns et of risks. But the mHouse designed by Vetter Architects pulls it off with a fabulous and creative design that shuns conventional building materials and instead turns to rice hull composites and thermally fused laminate for its frame and interior. From a distance, the house seems like just any other modern home – one draped in series of glass and wood walls.

Rice hull composites and thermally fused laminate shape teh exterior of this creative home
Rice hull composites and thermally fused laminate shape the exterior of this creative home


Yet, its use of new materials unproven in the US building circles makes it that much more special. With a glowing reddish-brown sheen on the outside and elegant neutral hues on the inside, the residence is both eye-catching and inviting. Large floor-to-ceiling glass walls, windows and clerestory windows are carefully sheltered from the harsh weather suing wooden panels. This ushers in ample natural light while also offering adequate privacy. A smart open plan living area, kitchen and dining space, neutral modern décor and lovely warm lighting ensure that the house is as aesthetic as it is functional. [Photography: Ryan Hainey]

Gray, white and wood take over much of the understated new interior
Open plan living area, kitchen and dining with modern style and clad in neutral hues
Series of glass walls for the rear section of the house open it completely to the outdoors
Series of smart and minimal intersecting planes create the fabulous mHouse
Sliding glass doors welcoming you into the modern mHouse
View of the lovely snow-clad landscape around the modern minimal home
Wood and white modern kitchen idea

The mHouse serves as a direct counterpoint to the typical suburban builder home – creating unique outdoor spaces in place of the typical open lawn, a variety of different views in contrast to one major view, and expressing a confidence in the future over nostalgia for the past. The mHouse strikes a balance between proven methods and innovative solutions…

Central sitting area and outdoor deck of the home feel like an extension of the interior
Colorful wall art piece in the living area is visible even from a distance
Curated landscape and entry leading to the creative modern home
Glass and thermally fused laminate give this home a modern, minimal look

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