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Flies are annoying, dirty pests that can carry diseases or bite you. They also make it hard for you to enjoy the outdoors by blocking your view, ruining picnics and barbecues. In this article, we’ll discuss why flies come into your home, how to get rid of them while they’re outside and what to do if they’re still coming inside as the seasons change.

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Why do flies come into your home?

There’s a big difference between flies and other pests like roaches and mice: Flies can enter your home through any hole or crack they find. They’re attracted to the light and warmth of your home, so they’ll look for ways in. If you see more than one fly inside, you probably have quite a few hiding somewhere outside making their way in. 

What attracts flies?

Flies are attracted to your food and garbage, so if you keep them covered, you’ll be less likely to see flies. They’re also attracted to the moisture in trash cans and food spills.

What do flies eat?

They will eat almost anything, but they especially love fresh meat or fruit that has started to rot. This gives them the nutrients they need for their eggs (which will later turn into more flies).

How can I get rid of flies outside?

To get rid of flies outside, follow these steps: 

  • Clean up all open food containers. Throw out old things in your refrigerator too; make sure nothing is rotting anywhere. If it’s rotten, throw it away.
  • Seal up any cracks or holes in your house. Use caulk to cover up all the exterior cracks on your home, making sure it’s nice and smooth. Flies are good at finding small crevices that will let them into your home.
  • Keep trash bins covered or put the trash out right before pick-up time if you want to get rid of flies coming inside
  • Vacuum any leftover food particles on your floor since this is one of the places flies are most likely to hide during the day. You should also use a dustpan to wipe away any crumbs around countertops so they don’t attract more bugs later on.
  • It’s best to do this regularly (like once a week) throughout the year since flies are always around, even in winter. If you want to keep them out all the time, don’t leave your house or garage door open for long periods. Anything that lets light and air into your home is a weakness that flies will look for.
  • Keep vegetation around your house under control as well, since tall grass and weeds provide great hiding places for insects like flies to lay their eggs and reproduce. You should also invest in a lawn service if you don’t already have one (or do it yourself) since healthy grass doesn’t grow as fast and won’t make as much of a welcome mat for bugs to set up shop.
  • Finally, if you have a pool or any outdoor water feature, make sure it gets covered up when not in use. Debris and dirt falling into the water will cause it to rot – which then attracts more flies.

What do I do if there’s still a fly inside?

Getting rid of flies inside can be a challenge because you can’t block up all your cracks and other entryways (you wouldn’t want to anyway since this would make it hard for you and other people to get in). Here are some ways to get rid of flies inside:

If there’s just one fly in your home, try trapping it with glass over the top of it. Then release the fly outside where it belongs.

If you have more than one fly that won’t leave, grab a window screen and cover up the hole they’re coming through so they can’t get back in.

How To Get Rid Of Flies
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You can also use a homemade fly trap by putting raw meat or fruit in a jar, covering it with Saran Wrap, and poking lots of holes into the wrap. Flies will fly in for their food, but they won’t be able to get back out.

You can also use something like bug zappers or bug spray on an electric fly swatter to kill them if you don’t want to release them outside. Remember that zapping one isn’t getting rid of all the flies coming into your house though since there are probably more waiting outside. For best results, you’ll need several traps or devices around the house so it can cut down on flies while you take care of the rest of the infestation. When using sprays indoors, make sure there aren’t any little kids or pets nearby, and remember not to let children touch the trap afterward (or eat what’s left inside) until it’s been washed with soap and water.

What if the flies are only coming in during certain seasons? 

Flies usually come around spring or whenever there’s a lot of damp, rainy weather since it gives them the perfect conditions to lay their eggs and reproduce without much effort. If you notice a huge increase in the number of flies swarming your place during certain times of year but not others, try using a dehumidifier or air conditioner indoors to cut down on the dampness. Drying things up will make it hard for the fly larva to hatch and develop into adults unless they’re able to find a nice, moist hiding spot nearby.

If you have any standing water around your home (like from leaky pipes or your pool), drain it away and cover up any holes that lead to damp areas underneath (like in the crawl space under a house). 

If the fly infestation still hasn’t gone away after you’ve done everything else, there’s a chance they’re coming in through your windows. Try covering them securely with window screens and make sure there aren’t any gaps around the frame when you close them. 

What about other pests such as ants?

Ants like to gather around your kitchen counter since this is where they have access to food. Getting rid of ants on your kitchen counter is also really easy, all you need is to put out some ant traps or pour boiling water over their entryway. Don’t worry about them too much though since you can usually just leave them alone or use regular ant traps to get rid of the problem.

Getting rid of ants outside mostly requires figuring out where they’re coming in from. If you have any cracks around your foundation or have noticed their trails leading to the house, cover them up with caulk. Remember that what you do to get rid of ants outside will help keep other pests away as well since these bugs all feel at home in damp weather conditions.

Also, some insects are more of a challenge than others. You usually won’t run into problems with bees or wasps since they don’t like building their nests near your home. If you see them flying around, it’s okay to leave them alone unless the bees are particularly aggressive (like if there’s a nest in your yard). 

How do I keep flies off my body?

There are several ways to keep flies off of your body. If you are using a fly swatter, cover up any exposed skin that may be targeted by the flies just before you strike them down. Keep in mind that they are most attracted to fruit juices so if someone has spilled juice on their clothing they will likely attract more flies than usual. If there is fruit juice on your clothes, wipe it off immediately so you won’t attract more flies while trying to get rid of them.

Where do flies go in the winter?

If you have any dead bushes or trees near your house, they may be using these natural shelters to avoid the cold months. You could also look for them in small cracks and crevasses around windows and door frames. Anthills are another convenient place for flies to stay warm in the winter so look out for these as well.

What kind of traps can I use to get rid of them?

There are many different types of traps that you can use to capture flies effectively. For reusable fly traps, try placing a slice of ripe fruit on an empty jar with some formic acid inside. You can also try tying some flypaper to trees so the flies are more likely to get stuck on them. If you don’t want to use any of these methods, you could try using an electronic fly trap so there is no need for cleaning up the dead bodies later.

Natural Fly Repellents That Actually Work
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Why do flies come inside my house?

Flies may come inside your house because they are attracted by the smell of food or trash. Even a few scraps left overnight will be enough to make them want to enter your home and look for more food. Some people think that flies come inside their homes at night because it is dark but this isn’t necessarily true.

Final thoughts on how to get rid of flies outside

In conclusion, flies are pesky pests that can be dealt with by following the steps above. By taking the appropriate steps to get rid of flies, you can enjoy your outdoor time with friends and family in peace and without hearing that annoying buzzing sound.

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