Walk-in Shower With No Doors


While most people are familiar with the idea of a walk-in shower, few know that there is also such a thing as a walk-in shower without doors. This type of design offers many benefits to those who choose it. In this article, you’ll learn what this type of shower entails and who might want to consider it for their own homes.

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Benefits of a walk-in shower with no doors

The following are the benefits of a walk-in shower without doors

No doors mean a cleaner bathroom

One of the most obvious benefits is a cleaner bathroom. Doorless showers don’t have doors (duh), which means that you never have to worry about dirty or wet floors from shower water dripping from under the doors of the bath area again. This keeps your entire shower clean and dry, so mold and mildew can’t grow on it.

The bathroom stays clean longer because the entire floor is made of tile or other water-resistant material instead of porcelain or a bathtub that traps hair and soap scum inside. Cleanup is a snap with a simple sweep of a broom, dustpan, mop, or vacuum – there’s no more scrubbing soapy buildup off the tub. A doorless walk-in shower also gives you better ventilation leaving your room smelling fresh longer.

Less expensive than fully enclosed shower stalls

A doorless walk-in shower is generally less expensive than a full enclosure, even though it uses more materials for the walls. The reason for this is because the doorless design means there are no doors to purchase, which significantly reduces cost. However, you might still want to choose to pay more for a good quality walk-in shower without doors – quality is the keyword here. 

Also be aware that while some enclosures can be made into a wet room by simply removing the door and adding all-new base tile or flooring at an additional cost, making one from scratch will be much pricier unless you choose all the same components (such as tile and glass) for your new enclosure as were used before.

How Big Does a Walk-in Shower need to be to Not Have A Door
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Great for homes with limited space

A walk-in shower without doors is ideal for those who don’t have a lot of space in their bathrooms. Since the room doesn’t need to fit a door and an area for showering, you can fit your bathtub and toilet into a much smaller space than if it had to be shared by two different showers. If you’re trying to save as much space as possible, look to see which doors are removable from your old enclosure before purchasing a new one. This way, you won’t end up buying something that will only end up taking more space than what it would have originally.

No need for a curtain that splashes water all around 

If you’re looking for less water around the bathroom and doing away with a curtain that does more harm than good, then a doorless walk-in shower may be a great option for you. Instead of showering under the curtain from your tub, all water will come from overhead and have no way to escape. No matter how much you jump or splash around during your shower, everything that falls into the water is contained inside the bath area where it’s easy to sweep away and less likely to cause a rush of water onto your floor.

How to install a walk-in shower with no doors

If you’re thinking of taking on a DIY walk-in shower installation project, it’s important to think through the process before beginning. Installing this type of shower enclosure is slightly more complicated than installing one with doors because there are no obvious hinges or latch points.

Before we get into the installation tips to keep in mind, here are some stunning walk-in shower ideas to consider if you’d like to know more. In the meantime, here are the best installation tips that will be helpful in this situation.

Use solid materials for your walls

To support the weight of water, you’ll want to use strong wall material for your doorless walk-in shower walls. Tile work is always sturdy and reliable; look online for some inspiration before choosing yours. Keep in mind that you can soak up any extra grout yourself by using an abrasive sponge if need be later on down the road. It’s also possible to install additional sheets of regular drywall to provide additional sturdiness, but keep in mind that this could make for a messier installation process.

Use a shower pan liner

Since water will be collecting on the floor of your shower and no other barriers or walls will help stop it from reaching the floor, you’ll want to consider using a shower pan liner underneath the tile area. This type of liner is helpful because it can soak up excess moisture before it reaches levels that are too high to clean up easily. In some cases, pans like these might even come with a drain already attached that can lead all water out of your home as well as trap any hair or soap scum inside – making cleanup much quicker and easier than without one installed.

Choosing the right shower dimensions

Choosing the right shower dimensions will help you customize the most ideal walk-in shower with no doors for your home. While many measurements can be taken, including the height of the ceiling and door opening, start by selecting how far out from your current wall you’ll want your new enclosure to stand. Get a flat-level area cleared out before laying any tile down so that you don’t make any mistakes along the way.

Remember the shelf

Since you won’t have doors on your new walk-in shower enclosures, it’s important to think about how you might be able to hang any bottles or shampoo containers. Instead of putting these on the floor, consider building a small shelf out of concrete or wood near your shower head and across from the rest of your tile area. This will help you get ready for your shower in a much cleaner fashion and also give you enough space to store some shower essentials while keeping them off the ground.

Install a steam shower

If you’re looking for that extra bit of luxury, think about installing an additional steam shower into your home that can be accessed through this walk-in design. Most steam showers come with their enclosure already included so no need to worry about buying one separately; simply add it to this existing model and know that you have 2 different shower areas that you can stand under at once.

Tile over your walls with easy to clean material

One of the best things about no-door walk-in shower designs is that they’re low maintenance when it comes time for cleaning them up. The entire surface of these types of showers is made up of either glass doors or fixed panels, allowing you to thoroughly wipe down tile surfaces without worrying about long-term sun exposure damaging their appearance over time. These tiles will typically need repolishing after several years, but this process is simple due to how few materials are used to create the look.

Won’t the water go all over if there are no doors?

The glass used in the installation of these screens helps stop most of the spillage and helps keep your bathroom floor dry and clean. Apart from the glass material, other materials can be used, including aluminum which has great anti-corrosion properties. Some screens also come with rubber gaskets which help reduce leakage even further by creating a tight seal between two doorless panels or sides.

The best way of preventing water from spilling at all is by using high-quality glass that has great resistance to heat, pressure, and bending. This will help reduce or even eliminate leakage, especially when using hot water. It is advisable to use tempered waterproof glass which is resistant to corrosion. These are also scratch-proof making them easy to clean after use. The other thing you can do is make sure there are no spaces between joints by fixing them perfectly close together so that there are no spaces for the water to seep through.

 Design Ideas for Walk-in Showers Without Doors
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Final thoughts on walk-in shower with no doors

In conclusion, a walk-in shower has many benefits over a standard bathtub. A lot of people love the idea of being able to just step into a nice hot shower whenever they want, and not having to deal with an extra item to clean in the bathroom. Not only do they have the obvious advantage of being quick and simple, but also can be made spacious enough for a single person. There is no longer a need for doors if you don’t demand privacy while bathing, but if you still want it there are sliding glass panels available too.

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