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It’s pretty much a given that over time, your lovely conservatory will accumulate a considerable amount of grime over time. These conservatory cleaning tips will make sure you get gleaming results after all the effort it takes to give it a good scrub down.

Conservatories make a great addition to your home – you get all that extra room, a great view of the garden and added value to your home. However, they can require a fair bit of upkeep so you can really make the most of the light-filled space. Mould, mildew, dust and prolonged exposure to the elements can quickly make even the nicest of conservatories look dull and run-down.

And depending upon the size and shape, when it comes to cleaning a conservatory, it’s a good to know how to best approach the task and invest in the right cleaning equipment to keep it looking its best.

Marketing Director, Alex Hewitt from Ultraframe explains, ‘The roof and side frames of your conservatory should be washed down every four months with a soap water solution to remove grime and atmospheric deposits.’

‘Maintaining your conservatory is vital if you want to prevent it from falling into disrepair and ensure it continues to add value. Check the inside of your conservatory for moss or mould, too. If it is poorly ventilated, this could be a problem.’

So follow these tips to cleaning a conservatory to keep yours in tip-top condition and sparkly clean.

Conservatory cleaning tips

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1. The best way to clean a conservatory

Working your way upwards can leave your clean areas exposed to dirt and water dripping down from higher up and ruining all your hard work.

Lynsey Crombie Queen of Clean recommends, ‘Always start at the top and work your way down. Start by knocking off cobwebs, use a ladder or step and get up high. A conservatory is a full of spiders and daddy longlegs and you can’t always see them.’

2. What you need to clean a conservatory

If your conservatory has high windows and you have hard to reach areas, you’ll probably need a reliable ladder, a telescopic brush, preferably one you can connect to a hose-pipe, a bucket, sponge, a brush and a good cleaning product. In some areas a pressure washer can be used, although with caution (see below).

And to clean the glass you’ll need to use a squeegee and a good quality micro-fibre cloth.

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3. Cleaning a conservatory roof

Figuring out how to clean a conservatory roof isn’t all that hard – all you’ll need is a ladder, a telescopic brush and a little caution.

Climb up the ladder along the outside of your conservatory, and use a brush (mixed with your choice of window cleaning solution) to reach every corner of the roof.

Marketing Director, Alex Hewitt from Ultraframe says, ‘Don’t put yourself at risk of injury by making shortcuts. Instead, use a ladder to climb up to roof level, use a brush to sweep away any dirt and then use your telescopic window cleaner to reach up to the roof and give it a good wash down.’

To be extra safe, ask someone to hold the ladder to keep it steady.

If your extension features self-cleaning glass then it will require less frequent cleaning than standard glazing. At least once a year is recommended.

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Image credit: Westbury Garden Rooms

4. Polish up conservatory glass

It’s important to know how to clean windows in your conservatory so you don’t ruin the lovely view of your garden.

Cleaning both sides of the window panes is really important to make your conservatory sparkle. And when it comes to deciding whether to do the inside or outside first, Lynsey Crombie, Queen of Clean says, ‘For the glass clean the outside window panes first so you can see how much grime you have removed. Then clean the inside. Never clean the glass on a really sunny day as this will cause streaks.’

‘The best solution is warm not hot water and then buff the glass dry with a good absorbent microfibre cloth. For the outside windows you could use an all-purpose car cleaner, as this creates a good waterproof barrier for rain water to run off.’ This all-purpose car cleaner from Amazon should do the trick.

And if you’ve already got a winning conservatory blind idea in your space, make sure you protect them while you clean the inside panes.

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5. Clear the gutters

Lynsey Crombie also recommends cleaning the gutters while you’re at it. Weeds, debris and standing water can get trapped in your drainpipes and gutters. Aside from creating an eyesore, trapped debris can also interfere with their functioning.

Alex Hewitt from Ultraframe explains more, ‘Gutters can easily become cluttered with leaves and moss, so make sure you give these a good clean out – especially in autumn when the leaves are falling. Your conservatory will last longer and look more aesthetically pleasing this way.’

The good news is that gutters are usually low maintenance and only require being cleaned out twice a year. If you come across blockages don’t try and tackle them yourself, get a plumber out to clear the way.

Conservatory with dining table

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6. Best method for cleaning the inside of a conservatory

Conservatory cleaning doesn’t just involve scrubbing the outside – the inside matters just as much – especially if you’re revamping the space with one of these conservatory interior ideas. Mould and mildew enjoy moist conditions so keeping this at bay is paramount, especially if your conservatory isn’t well ventilated.

Treat your conservatory with a solution to remove any moss and black mould that might have built up after you have swept and washed your structure. Lynsey Crombie says, ‘If you have any mould and mildew patches, treat them with white vinegar.’ This will hopefully help prevent any future build-up.

7. Clean little and often

Cleaning your conservatory is no small feat so making the job go as smooth as possible is probably your first priority.

If you don’t have a weekend spare to really scrub it down, don’t fret. Doing smaller tasks over time such as wiping down your window frames and windowsills regularly will mean the big clean won’t be as big an expedition.

conservatory roof blinds

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8. Be careful when cleaning

It goes without saying but be safe when cleaning. Most conservatory roofs are not made to bear heavy loads and the glass panels are not designed to take your weight so climbing isn’t an option.

To avoid a disaster, invest in an extendable cloth or brush that will help to wipe away excess cleaner and use a hose that can reach up easily.

9. Wipe down the exterior and interior frames

You can tackle your exterior and interior conservatory framework with warm soapy water and a sponge. Be sure to only use soapy water on the window framework and not the panes because using it on window panes will create unsightly streak marks.

Clean the window frames first before tackling the conservatory window glass to prevent any residue from falling onto freshly cleaned window panes. Use a duster or an old paintbrush to loosen any debris, dirt or dust that has collected around the frame.

After you’ve removed the looser dirt you can get to work on those more stubborn bits of grime. When you’ve finished the window frames, give your windowsill a good thorough wipe down and vacuum up any debris that’s made its way to the floor.

Forked out on a gorgeous new conservatory flooring idea? Lay down an old towel or sheet to further protect your sparkly new floor.

Lynsey Crombie, Queen of Clean adds, ‘If you have a white PVC frame you’ll know that this can get discoloured and stained very easily.’

‘Use a cream cleaner or white toothpaste to clean & brighten and for any stains use rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover. For wooden frames brush with a small brush and treat using an orange oil based product.’

conservatory with dining table

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10. Use cleaning products that work

If you’ve not cleaned your conservatory for a while then it’s likely you’ll need a little more than just soapy water to do the job properly. 

You could give your conservatory a good going over with a non-caustic product like Dirtbusters from Amazon.

This type of conservatory cleaner is safe to use on all the various surfaces without worrying about damaging window seals or the uPVC.

11. What not to do when cleaning a conservatory

Now you know how to clean your conservatory with gleaming results. It’s also worth noting what not to do to avoid any mistakes that could damage your conservatory structure.

  • Try not to use harsh chemicals or spirit-based cleaners as they can damage your conservatory’s uPVC.
  • Metallic or abrasive sponges or brushes can mark or damage plastic.
  • Although it’s tempting to blast off the dirt, using a pressure washer can damage the seals on your conservatory.
  • Avoid getting any oil-based products on your conservatory’s rubber seals or sliding doors.

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