Practical Home Gym and Bathroom Rolled into One with Smart Italian Design



If there is a lesson that we can take away from the many pandemic-stricken months in the last two years, then it is a good idea to have a home that serves you in more ways than one! The last years has seen homeowners distinctly shift away from their usual interest in bedroom colors and kitchen styles and towards more practical home design solutions that involve home offices, play areas for kids and of course, home workout spaces. If you are a fitness freak, then lockdowns and Covid-imposed restrictions would have been even harder to take. But having a bathroom like Gym Space designed by Mattia Pareschi for Scavolini definitely comes to your rescue here.

Ingenious and out of the box design of the Gym Space bathroom is a must have for fitness enthusiasts
Ingenious and out of the box design of the Gym Space bathroom is a must have for fitness enthusiasts

The innovative and contemporary bathroom has been inspired by the aesthetics of a gym. More specifically, the many wall-mounted shelves, bars and units in the backdrop are a reinterpretation of the classic gymnastics wall bars that you find in almost every workout space. Added to this mix is a bench from Scavolini that is much like the usual workout bench in the gym and a pull up bar here and there to complete the look. It is easy to see this space as a fusion of the smart home gym and the stylish contemporary bathroom at its sophisticated best!

It is easy to transform this contemporary bathroom into a fabulous home gym at any point!
It is the Gymnastics Wall Bars that are at the core of this inspiration bathroom that also adds a home gym
Polished marble finishes, white bathtub and a serene teal backdrop for the elegant contemporary bathroom
Scavolini bench, pull up bars along with the Gymnastics Wall Bars inspired backdrop create a lovely Gym Space Bathroom

If you have a large enough space to spare and want to combine the home gym and the bathroom into a perfect place both for your workouts and a relaxing dip, then we can assure you that you will not find a better option than the Gym Space – an idea that can be customized to unveil many more possibilities.

Smart bathroom space inspired by the gym ushers the vibe in a subtle fashion
Creative and quirky Gym Space idea still feels contemporary with sleek design and best of Scavolini’s space-savvy solutions
Custom units and storage shelves also mimic the aesthetics of Gymnastics Wall Bars

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