Truss Coffee Table

coffee table truss style building

Why I Love this Coffee Table

This is such a beautiful coffee table!  The wood grains give it such a high end appearance, and it really transforms the room.  The angles give it a little more interest and detail.

coffee table truss style building

But I will be honest, those angles really gave me some doubts when I was building it.  See how all the top piece don’t line up?  And if you look close, the cross bracing wasn’t perfect.  I almost gave up on this project.  But I pushed through and it turned out so many times better than I could have expected.

Some details that could make this project even better – 

  • For the top, use 2x2s as breadboard ends to make the top look more interesting and finished
  • For the ends, use black lag screws to attach the two center stretcher pieces, so there’s a hardware element showing
  • I used 2x4s for my base, I think it would have looked even better with 2x3s


Matching Plans in this Collection

Also check out this Truss End Table plan that was built by my friend Ashley over at Shanty2Chic, this was the inspiration for the coffee table project.

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