Max Storage Dresser – Easy to Modify Size

maximum storage dresser

Why I Built this Dresser

I have a space under out stairs in our basement entryway that I wanted to add storage for extra hats, gloves, scarves, googles, and other outdoor accessories.  Because it’s under the stairs, I knew I wanted a dresser that is enclosed to minimize dusting and cleaning.  And it needed to be on wheels so I can roll it out and clean under it.  And finally, it had to be the exact perfect size to fit.

With a tall order like this, it’s impossible to get exactly what you need.  So I decided to build my own dresser.

With not a ton of space to work with, but an Alaska (lifestyle) sized amount of gear to store, I knew I needed maximum storage for the footprint.  No fancy trim, no bulky detailing – just all drawers in the most minimal of framing.  

maximum storage dresser


Video of Me Building this Dresser

Video coming soon


Free Plans to Build this Dresser