10 Bathroom Remodel Ideas to Transform Your Home

9 Bathroom Remodel Ideas to

9 Bathroom Remodel Ideas to

A successful bathroom renovation can improve both its look and function, while also adding value to your home.

It’s important to have a mix of creative and practical renovation ideas that fit your budget and needs, whether you’re planning a small update or a complete makeover.

This guide will take you through different design options, smart ways to use space, and new features that can make your bathroom more relaxing and efficient.

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1. Transform Your Floor

Transforming the floor of your bathroom can dramatically change the overall look and feel of the space. A floor revamp can turn any ordinary room into a serene retreat.

Whether you want to go for a full renovation or just want to refresh the look of your bathroom, the floor can serve as the cornerstone of your design.

Types of Floors Best for Bathroom

Luxury Vinyl

Luxury vinyl flooring (LVP) in the bathroom is a practical, stylish, and cost-effective choice, especially for spaces used by children.

If you’re thinking about new flooring for a bathroom mainly used by kids or teens, luxury vinyl plank flooring is worth considering. It’s also one of the toughest flooring choices out there.

You can pick luxury vinyl planks that have the warm look of wood or opt for luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) that give off the cool vibe of natural stone.

Plus, they’re designed with a comfy bottom layer that feels softer underfoot compared to the traditional hardness of ceramic or porcelain.

Here’s why luxury vinyl flooring could be a game-changer for your bathroom:

  • Waterproof: Made from a synthetic material, it’s built to resist water and moisture, so no worries about it soaking up water and getting damaged or warped. Our luxury vinyl floors even come with a waterproof guarantee, ranging from 24 to 72 hours.
  • Variety of styles: Whether you go for planks or tiles, you’ll find an array of colors and patterns. You can easily find options that mimic natural wood or stone, adding a touch of elegance without the hefty price tag.
  • Affordable: On a per-square-foot basis, luxury vinyl is a more budget-friendly option compared to other materials. If you love the look of wood or stone, vinyl offers a cost-effective alternative. Plus, it’s quicker and easier to install, saving you even more money.
  • Easy to maintain: Keeping luxury vinyl clean is a breeze. You can use most floor cleaners, vacuums, or brooms to get rid of dust and dirt.
  • Durable: Its synthetic makeup means it’s equipped to handle everyday wear and tear, including scratches, scuffs, dents, and lots of foot traffic.


When most people think about updating their bathroom floors, tiles like ceramic or porcelain usually come to mind first. But there’s been a game-changer in the scene: luxury vinyl tile (LVT).

It’s quickly becoming a favorite for bathroom makeovers, and it’s easy to see why: it’s tough, looks great, and offers better value than many natural materials.

LVT comes in a wide array of colors and patterns, letting you dial in the exact vibe you want for your bathroom, whether that’s sleek and modern or warm and traditional.

LVT can also mimic the look of more expensive materials, such as hardwood or stone, but without the hefty price tag or maintenance headaches.

Here’s why it’s a hit for bathrooms:

  • Quick to Install: Unlike traditional tile, LVT can be laid down fast, which means less mess and fuss.
  • Affordable: You’ll spend less on materials, and because it’s easier to install, labor costs drop, too.
  • Diverse Choices: With so many designs available, finding one that fits your style is a breeze.
  • Easy Upkeep: A simple sweep, vacuum, or mop keeps it looking fresh.
  • Built to Last: Thanks to modern technology, LVT is super durable and can handle the hustle and bustle of a busy bathroom


Just like luxury vinyl, laminate flooring is made from synthetic materials and does a great job of looking like wood or tile.

It’s pretty good at holding up against moisture, too, which makes it a decent option for certain bathroom setups.

Laminate flooring offers many styles, so whether you’re going for a cozy, rustic vibe or a sleek, modern look, there’s something that’ll fit right in with your bathroom’s aesthetic.

Here are a few more reasons why laminate flooring could be a smart choice for your bathroom:

  • Variety of Choices: Dreaming of a wood or tile look without the hefty price tag? Laminate’s got you covered with plenty of options.
  • Easy on the Wallet: Generally, laminate is more affordable than natural materials, offering a stylish look without breaking the bank.
  • Moisture Resistance: Thanks to its sealing, laminate can fend off moisture pretty well. And for bathrooms that see a lot of action, waterproof laminate is an even better bet.
  • Simple to Clean: A quick sweep, mop, or vacuum is all it takes to keep laminate floors looking neat.


If your bathroom doesn’t include a shower or tub, engineered hardwood can add a touch of style, durability, and versatility to the floor. If the rest of your home already features hardwood floors, carrying that look into your bathroom can help keep a consistent, seamless appearance throughout your space.

Solid hardwood might not be the best match for bathrooms due to its limited resistance to moisture. However, the design of engineered hardwood gives it an edge in dealing with humidity, making it a contender for bathrooms used less intensively or without heavy moisture exposure.

Here’s why engineered and solid hardwood could be a good fit for your bathroom:

  • Warmth and Style: Hardwood’s popularity isn’t just about looks; it also makes any space more welcoming. Whether your home leans towards classic or modern design, hardwood flooring fits right in, enhancing nearly any decor style.
  • Variety of Choices: With hardwood, you get a plethora of species and color finishes to choose from, including birch, maple, oak, walnut, and cherry. This diversity allows you to pick the perfect match for your home’s aesthetic.
  • Built to Last: Hardwood stands up well to daily foot traffic. Engineered hardwood, in particular, is constructed with multiple layers bonded over high-quality plywood, offering exceptional durability even in busy bathrooms.
  • Moisture and Humidity Resilience: Engineered hardwood is designed to be more stable, reducing risks from humidity and moisture. This means it’s less likely to warp or shift, maintaining its shape and integrity over time.

When choosing flooring, it’s essential to consider how the bathroom is used alongside these benefits to decide if engineered hardwood is the best choice for you.

2. Explore New Styles

Modern Zen

If you’re looking for tranquility and simplicity, the modern Zen style is the perfect design that does both. This style puts emphasis on natural elements, creating a serene atmosphere in your bathroom.

  • Adding some natural light through skylights or large windows not only brightens the room but also helps blend indoor and outdoor spaces seamlessly.
  • Adding greenery, such as small indoor plants or a vertical garden, can enhance this connection with nature.
  • To maintain simplicity, choose minimalist fixtures and furniture that don’t clutter the space.
  • Selecting neutral colors such as beige, white, or soft gray contributes to a calming effect that embodies zen principles.

Classic Charm

If you’re drawn to timeless beauty with a touch of nostalgia, then classic charm might be your go-to style for a bathroom remodel—think vintage faucets and spouts that add an elegant yet old-world feel to your bathroom.

For walls, choose subway tiles that not only offer durability but also maintain that historical charm. These elements, combined, bring a sense of warmth and familiarity reminiscent of bygone eras.

Moody Blues

Looking for drama and intensity? You will find comfort in the moody blues theme. Painting walls in deep blue shades set a bold backdrop that’s both striking and sophisticated.

  • To add contrast and luxury, incorporate gold or brass accents into fixtures like taps or decorative items.
  • Dim lighting can add the mood for the intensity you’re looking for—go for candles or warm light bulbs.

Marble Masterpiece

For lovers of sleek design paired with natural patterns, marble masterpieces present an opulent choice for bathroom remodeling ideas.

  • Covering countertops and floors with marble not only elevates the look but also ensures durability.
  • Choosing veined marble adds visual interest without overwhelming other design elements in your bathroom.
  • Sleek modern fixtures complement marble beautifully.
  • Consider wall-mounted faucets for added elegance.
  • Underfloor heating beneath marble floors provides comfort without compromising on style.

3. Space Optimization

Ideas for Walls

To make a bold statement in your bathroom, consider installing waterproof wallpaper. It’s an easy way to add personality without taking up much space.

If you’re looking for something more unique, using accent tiles as a feature wall can really make the room pop. If you’re aiming for a cozy cottage feel, beadboard is another excellent option.

Waterproof wallpaper is flexible and comes in different designs and patterns, allowing you to easily match it with your existing decor. Accent tiles can range from subtle textures to vibrant colors, offering a custom look that reflects your style. Beadboard adds warmth and charm, creating a welcoming atmosphere.

Space Division

Glass partitions are great for separating shower areas without making the space feel cramped. They let light flow throughout the room while keeping the water contained.

Installing half-walls can effectively separate the toilet area from the rest of the bathroom without sacrificing openness or light. Room dividers work well in larger bathrooms, allowing you to create distinct zones of privacy when needed.

Narrow Layout

Mounting storage vertically is a smart way to save space in narrow bathrooms. Go for tall cabinets or shelves that take advantage of vertical real estate.

Wall-hung toilets and sinks not only save floor space but also make cleaning easier. Sliding doors are another fantastic option to maximize space since they don’t require clearance to open and close like traditional doors do.

Combine Rooms

Merging your bathroom with a closet can be an efficient use of space, especially if both rooms are small on their own. Using consistent flooring throughout both areas helps unify them into one cohesive space.

Wet Room Concept

Fully tiling your bathroom from floor-to-ceiling transforms it into a functional wet room that’s easy to clean and maintain.

A central drain system ensures water flows away quickly, reducing slip hazards. Proper waterproofing and ventilation are crucial here; they protect against mold growth and ensure air quality remains high even after steamy showers.

4. Add Luxurious Elements

Freestanding Bathtub

luxury freestanding bathtub

A freestanding bathtub can elevate your bathroom remodeling ideas to new heights. It’s not just about picking any tub, but finding one that resonates with your style and fits neatly into the available space.

Pairing your freestanding bathtub with a floor-mounted faucet adds an extra layer of elegance. This combination makes the tub stand out, making it not only visually appealing but also practical.

Water Views

Integrating water views into your bathroom design brings nature closer and creates an oasis of calm. When placing tubs or showers near windows, you get to enjoy natural light and scenic views while maintaining privacy through smart solutions like privacy glass.

Consider using outdoor-inspired materials and colors for an immersive experience.

Think stone textures or wooden accents that echo the outdoors, enhancing the connection between interior comfort and natural beauty. This approach not only maximizes enjoyment of water views but also infuses your bathroom with tranquil vibes.

5. Invest in Affordable Upgrades

Refinish Tub

Refinishing your old tub can transform your bathroom without a hefty price tag. You can use durable finishes that come in modern colors. This change alone can make the space feel brand new.

You can also replace the hardware. New faucets or handles add to the fresh look without breaking the bank.

Lookalike Materials

High-end materials such as porcelain tiles that mimic wood look stunning but often come with high costs and maintenance hassles.

Instead of spending a lot of money on it, consider quartz countertops. They also require less upkeep and still deliver an upscale look. For walls, vinyl wallpaper designed like tile brings texture and interest without complex installation processes or high expenses.

6. Add or Improve Your Bathroom’s Storage

Extra Cabinet

Installing an extra cabinet can transform your bathroom. Use vertical areas above the toilet or sink for additional storage. This is especially helpful in smaller bathrooms where floor space is limited.

Another storage option is mirrored cabinets. They not only provide storage but also increase light and the sense of space in your bathroom. The reflection can make your bathroom look bigger and brighter, too.

If you want to go big, customize your cabinet based on its needs (for toiletries, linens, and even plants!). This not only makes your bathroom free of clutter, but also makes the room bigger.

Shower Niche

Incorporating niches into your shower walls is a smart way to keep your products neatly organized without losing any space. These built-in shelves are ideal for keeping your shampoos, soaps, and other shower necessities within easy reach.

When you decide to add a shower niche, picking tiles that complement or enhance the rest of your bathroom can tie the whole look together beautifully. It’s a small touch that can make a big difference in your bathroom’s overall aesthetic and functionality.

Make sure these niches are waterproofed correctly to avoid water damage behind the walls. Proper installation not only keeps your products dry but also helps prolong the durability of the niche and wall structures.

7. Lighting and Ventilation

Upgrading Fixtures

Upgrading your bathroom fixtures is a simple yet impactful way to enhance the room’s functionality and aesthetics. Replacing outdated taps, showerheads, and handles can immediately modernize the space.

It’s not just about looks; newer fixtures often come with water-saving features that can reduce your utility bills.

Consider choosing LED lighting fixtures for their energy efficiency. LED lights consume less power and have a longer lifespan compared to traditional bulbs.

This choice supports both your wallet and the environment. When selecting these fixtures, ensure they complement the overall design of your bathroom for a cohesive look.


Proper ventilation is crucial to any bathroom remodeling plan. Moisture buildup from showers can lead to mold growth, damaging walls, flooring, and even ceiling materials over time.

Installing an exhaust fan suited to your bathroom size helps expel moist air outside and create balance in the overall ventilation of the bathroom.

Another way to keep the moisture at bay is to keep your bathroom’s windows open to allow natural ventilation. This not only helps with moisture control but also brings fresh air into the space. For optimal performance of ventilation systems, clean your vents and fans regularly.

8. Unique Designs

Tile Designs

Let out your creative side by mixing and matching tile sizes and patterns. This can create a dynamic visual appeal that draws the eye. For example, combining large square tiles with smaller hexagonal ones adds depth and interest.

Using contrasting grout colors is another way to highlight your design. If you’ve chosen light-colored tiles, a dark grout can make each tile pop, adding an unexpected twist to traditional looks often seen on Pinterest.

Another trick is to lay tiles diagonally across the floor or walls. This simple adjustment makes rooms appear larger than they are—an excellent way for smaller bathrooms where space feels limited after considering lighting and ventilation options.

Go for Unexpected Elements

Adding smart home technology to your bathroom brings both convenience and modernity. such as voice-controlled lights that will adjust ambiance or temperature-regulated floors.

Adding non-traditional furniture pieces like armchairs or small tables introduces comfort usually reserved for living rooms or bedrooms into your bathroom setting. These elements invite relaxation beyond the bath or shower enclosure, transforming your bathroom into a personal retreat.

Artwork and decorative mirrors serve not only as beautiful adornments but also reflect light around the room, enhancing both form and function post-lighting upgrades from previous discussions on ventilation solutions.

9. Transformative Comparisons

Before-After Impact

You might not see the full potential of your bathroom until you see its transformation unfold. Taking pictures before you start making changes is key. This way, you have a clear picture of how far you’ve come and can really appreciate the big shifts.

Pay attention to significant changes in the layout. For example, if you’ve taken down a wall to open up the space or moved fixtures around for a better layout, these changes can greatly affect how you use the space.

Don’t overlook the difference lighting can make. Maybe you’ve put in skylights or switched to LED recessed lighting to brighten up spots that used to be too dark.

Choosing new materials can also make a huge difference. Updating old tiles to sleek, modern stone or adding heated floors can totally change the vibe and comfort of your bathroom.

Sharing your own stories about these updates can add a lot of value. If switching materials has made cleaning easier or if the new setup lasts longer, talking about these benefits can give others a real sense of the practical improvements you’ve made.

Spacious Shower Transformation

A key trend in bathroom remodeling ideas involves expanding shower spaces by removing rarely used tubs. This change not only creates more room but also modernizes the overall aesthetic.

Installing frameless glass doors as part of this transformation enhances openness further. They make the shower area appear larger and blend seamlessly with any design style.

To elevate your shower experience:

  • Include multiple shower heads.
  • Consider adding a rainfall system.

These features offer spa-like luxury right at home. Adopting such modifications requires thoughtful planning but results in an inviting and functional bathroom that meets current needs while anticipating future trends.

10. Revamp What You Already Have

Painting Techniques

Choosing the right paint can make a huge difference in your bathroom remodel. Semi-gloss paint is ideal for bathrooms because it resists moisture well. This means your walls will handle steam from showers without peeling or molding.

Adding visual interest to your bathroom doesn’t need to involve cluttering it with decorations. Consider applying stencils or stripes to the walls. These techniques add personality without taking up physical space. Plus, they’re an affordable way to refresh the look.

When selecting colors, go for calming shades that enhance natural light. Light blues, soft greens, and warm whites can transform your bathroom into a serene retreat. These colors reflect light better, making your space feel larger and more inviting.

Refreshing Cabinets

Instead of replacing old cabinets, repainting them can give your bathroom a fresh look without the high cost. It’s an effective way to update the appearance while staying within budget.

Changing out old hardware is another quick fix that has a big impact. New knobs and pulls can modernize outdated cabinets with minimal effort and expense.

For an added touch of personal style, line shelves with decorative paper. This not only protects surfaces but also adds a hidden pop of color or pattern that surprises guests and brings joy to daily care routines.

Closing Thoughts

Remember, each decision reflects your taste and lifestyle, making your bathroom not just a functional space but a personal sanctuary. To get more insights, call us at 50Floor. If you want help choosing floors for your bathroom, schedule a free consultation.

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