What colour kitchen is on trend for 2021?



Are you thinking of a having a brand new kitchen in 2021? Or maybe you are considering giving your cabinets and doors a bit of a refresh? Either way, what colour kitchen you choose is a big decision. So, whether you want to ensure that your chosen colour scheme is bang on trend, or you just want to see what your options are, check out our guide to what colour kitchen is on trend for 2021.

What colour kitchen? Dark Sea Green is Perfect for Summer

With thoughts during the summer months often turning to the seaside, what could be better as a colour choice for the summer than a dark sea green? Green is actually often underestimated as a great colour choice for the kitchen. Here at Kitchen Warehouse, we really don’t think green gets the love it deserves.

In the summer, there is often talk of opening up your kitchen or of bringing the garden inside. The thing is, whether you choose a softer green shade such as sage, or a deep, dark mossy tone, you can’t really beat green for bringing the outside in. Of course, although green is a colour of summer, you can rest assured that it is a colour choice that will also stand the test of time. It will look fantastic across all seasons and for years to come.

Some people might be a little concerned about how bold darker shades of green might be. But you should remember you don’t need to go all in. Your new kitchen design doesn’t have to be hook, line and sinker green. Why not just incorporate elements of green alongside other softer shades? This is the perfect way to be on trend with glorious green – but to still keep things nicely understated.

Touches of pink and the trend for Terrazzo

One of the softer shades that works brilliantly with green, incidentally, is pink. And, perhaps recognising the need for a bit of joy and happiness in our lives; especially given the challenges of the last 18 months or so, many homeowners are choosing to brighten up their kitchen space with pink. While it can work well all as a statement colour, pink also works as a complement for other bolder tones. Paint a single wall pink or incorporate a pink kitchen island into a design. This will give you a striking and fun effect, but with a real sense of balance and style.

Still on the theme of brightness, Terrazzo tiles remain totally on trend in 2021. Typically, it is in the spring that homeowners tend to search for a bit of brightness and colour in their interior designs. This explains the popularity of Terrazzo. It’s certainly a great choice if you want to refresh your worktops and kitchen surfaces. This a chic and stylish look that is fit for all seasons, not just spring and summer.

What colour kitchen? Black or white?

White needs no introduction as a colour choice for the kitchen. In many ways, it is still the quintessential kitchen colour choice. It’s a perennial, that’s for sure. White will always be on trend and never really goes out of fashion. Indeed, if you want a fool-proof and sure-fire way to freshen and brighten up your kitchen, white is still the go-to choice.

Black, however, has only recently come into vogue as a colour choice for the kitchen. Many homeowners were a little concerned that black (and other bold colours) might be too overpowering for the space. Many more were worried that it would make the space look smaller than it really is. These days, black and other deep tones have been recognised as potential winners in the kitchen. Yes, care does need to be taken so that the black doesn’t overpower – but get it right with black in the kitchen and the results can be simply stunning.

what colour kitchen 2

Or black and white?

Well, here’s a thing – one of the latest things. Why not combine black and white? Monochrome kitchens feel really spacious. They offer a classic palette that is always guaranteed to work. It gives a modern feel to any space too.

Go bold with reds and oranges

From burgundy to striking scarlet or rust, reds are seriously on-trend in the kitchen design world right now. If you want to make a bold design statement, red is a smart and inspired choice. Similarly, orange gives a bright pop of colour to the kitchen which is sure to create a real ‘wow-factor.’

Of course, if you are not daring enough to go for bold orange cabinets, why not add pops of zesty brightness by adding orange accessories?

Go for greys and blues

what colour kitchen 3

No piece over the last couple of years about current design trends would be complete without mentioning greys and blues. Grey, particularly, has really come sharply into focus as the go-to colour right across the home as the contemporary colour choice. Grey really is winner because it exudes a genuine sense of modernity, but also remains neutral enough to be paired successfully with pretty uch any colour. Overall, if you want to create a modern and contemporary feel for the kitchen, you really don’t need to look beyond grey.

In the last couple of years, blues have become increasingly popular too. In fact, bold navy blue is as on-trend as it gets right now in the kitchen – be that for your cabinets or your walls.

If you want something softer, baby blue is another rising star. Bring the blue sky inside and soften up your kitchen with a gorgeous wash of blue.

What colour kitchen? Other key considerations

When you are considering what colour kitchen to go for, it’s not just a matter of ‘what’ – the ‘how’ comes into it too. Once you have chosen your colour (or colours), you then need to decide how to employ these colour choices. Do you want to be bold and brash, or mix and match in a soft and subtle style?

A bold statement on a single wall can be as effective as the colour you choose for the cabinets. Similarly, features such as kitchen islands present a great opportunity to make a further statement with colour.

There are definite trends in kitchen design for the deep dark shades, blended with metallic accessories – the ultra-modern look that many homeowners are looking for. Conversely, there are also clear trends towards a more natural and organic look for the kitchen space. This calls for softness and neutrality.

The Verdict

One thing is for sure, you have never been so spoiled for choice when it comes to colour options for the kitchen. Whether you want to be bold and daring or careful and cautious, there is plenty to get you inspired. If you have any questions about kitchens, why not get in touch with the Kitchen Warehouse team? We are here to help you create the kitchen of your dreams.

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