Product Spotlight: IKEA’s UTRUSTA Corner Base Cabinet Pullout

ikea utrusta product review


Learn the advantages of IKEA’s UTRUSTA pullout internal organizer

No matter the style of your IKEA kitchen, being more organized pays off.

For our designers, one of the best ways to accomplish this is through IKEA’s internal organizers; specifically IKEA’s UTRUSTA Corner Base Cabinet Pullout Fitting. Therefore, we’d like to highlight some of the advantages of the UTRUSTA, it’s features; and how IKD customers can integrate the UTRUSTA into their IKEA kitchen design.

Specifically, the UTRUSTA pullout internal organizer — which works seamlessly within IKEA’s SEKTION kitchen cabinetry framework — offers a great way to stay organized and to review the contents of a cabinet without significant effort. It provides concealed storage that is hidden away until you need it (think extra pots, pans or baking supplies) and adds a sleek uniformed look to your IKEA kitchen without unsightly clutter. Not only that, but compared to other similar internal organizers, the IKEA UTRUSTA is an affordable option to make your space more efficient, safe and stylish.

IKD designer Javier offers: “I’m glad when there’s about 47″ of corner space available in my customer’s kitchen design! That’s space enough for an UTRUSTA Corner Base Pullout. When it’s just 38″ of space my customers are often stuck with either a corner with shelves or a Lazy Susan — both of which are space wasters. The pullout provides more access and comfort and the overall blind base cabinet length is adjustable.”

These options are highlighted by the recent design for IKD customer Andrea from Carrboro, NC, who utilized an array of UTRUSTA organizers — as well as IKD’s design services and cabinet fronts from Chapel Hill, NC-based Ricabi — to create a custom look in her 1900s-style craftsman/bungalow home kitchen remodel, complete with ample wall and base cabinet corner storage options.

So, even if you’ve been researching examples of IKEA kitchens on design Web sites like HOUZZ or Pinterest, you’ll certainly appreciate the following product information that will explain the advantages of the UTRUSTA corner base cabinet pullout and how you can apply it to your IKEA kitchen remodel.

Let’s take a look!


ikea utrusta product review
Photo credit: IKEA

The beauty of IKEA’s internal organizers, like the UTRUSTA Corner Base Cabinet Pullout, is that they provide options. They could come in the form of an appliance pullout, or even be used as part of one of IKD’s signature design “hacks”.

In the case of UTRUSTA, the carousel pullout offers convenience in your storage options. Since it provides concealed, yet accessible storage (in the traditionally challenging kitchen corner), you can maximize space in your kitchen — which clears the way for a sleek, stylish and uniformed layout. After all, who can’t relate to losing cooking items in the back of a corner cabinet and having to literally crawl inside the cabinet to reach things? Not very practical or safe.

The IKEA UTRUSTA corner base cabinet pull-out fitting eliminates that hassle by making the contents of the cabinet easy to access and see. For instance, according to IKEA, you can customize spacing as needed, because the two shelves are adjustable. The UTRUSTA also fits into corner base cabinets with either left-hand or right-hand door options and its melamine-covered shelving with scratch-resistant surface makes it easy to clean as well — it comes with a 25-year Limited Warranty. And, at a cost of only $139.00, it’s cost effective as well. Compare that to the Hafele Lemans II Set for Blind Corner Cabinets ($519.00) in Chrome and Maple, for example, and you can see how the UTRUSTA keeps everything where it should be — including your budget! (By the way IKD has been referenced by Martha Stewart Living as experts on how to reduce renovation costs, so we know how to get the most out of your space.)

IKEA Kitchen Using UTRUSTA

We have many examples of kitchen designs where we’ve utilized IKEA’s UTRUSTA pullout internal organizer to great effect.

Photo credit: IKEA

One project that stands out to our designers was created for IKD customer Andrea from Carrboro, NC, who utilized IKD’s design services and Chapel Hill, NC-based Ricabi cabinetry to create a custom look in her 1900s-style craftsman/bungalow home kitchen remodel.

Faced with very limited kitchen space, Andrea wanted “an open feel, an island prep, sitting area and a customized kitchen.” Specifically, the product lineup features Ricabi’s Reverse Raised Cabinet Fronts in SW Alabaster and Gauntlet Gray which were attached to the IKEA SEKTION cabinetry with IKEA UTRUSTA hinges, and an IKEA UTRUSTA door damper for hinges. These cabinets are featured on the wall cabinetry (18”x40”), the corner wall (26”x40”) and base cabinetry (10”). They are also on the pantry door (custom sized two panel), above the microwave and the refrigerator.

To maximize storage, Andrea elected for IKEA’s UTRUSTA shelf, UTRUSTA wall corner cabinet carousel, a UTRUSTA drawer front, low; UTRUSTA base cabinet frame, a UTRUSTA fixture for mounting door on drawer; and an IKEA MAXIMERA high drawer, MAXIMERA medium drawer and MAXIMERA low drawer; along with an IKEA FIXA diffusion barrier and IKEA VARIERA cover plate in white. The wall corner cabinet carousel plays an integral part as it provides accessible storage options for cooking items and dry goods without disrupting the workflow of the space.
utrusta corner cabinet pullout

The result is the custom, period-style look Andrea wanted while providing ample space for family dinners and socializing with friends. It also established “a cost effective way to have a custom looking kitchen without the major expense,” she says. Notably, with an overall budget of $12,000 for the project, the IKEA cabinetry and Ricabi door fronts (which Andrea and her family assembled and installed) only cost a total of $5,200!

As you can see, IKEA’s UTRUSTA pullout internal organizer can be an irreplaceable component to your IKEA kitchen. It will turn previously difficult, unavailable space — like IKD customer Andrea faced — into an efficient and eye-catching part of your kitchen’s overall style and storage. We look forward to seeing how the IKEA UTRUSTA pullout internal organizer can work for your kitchen remodel!

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