Kitchen Trends in 2021



Kitchens have evolved significantly throughout the years, and it is critical to plan ahead for your redesign. The growth of the modern kitchen has been aided by technological advancements and shifting social relations. Open concept houses, which revolve around the kitchen and allow everyone to be together, are becoming increasingly popular. In this article, we will be talking about kitchen storage and organization.

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1. Kitchen Storage Cabinet: Dark Colors are Here

Dark kitchen storage cabinets exude a level of elegance and a deep, sumptuous ambiance that the other options lack. They give the kitchen a subdued dramatic feel. However, you must be careful not to overwhelm the space and make it feel permanently dark. However, in 2021, an increasing number of homeowners are taking risks and opting for a kitchen with dark cabinet hues.

2. Yes to Open Shelves

Open shelves and wire racks offer enough storage while keeping cups, plates, and other items within easy reach. Choose hardwood shelves with a darker finish if you want to create a strong visual contrast and make your goods stand out. If you want your products to blend in with the surroundings, white wire racks that complement the walls are the way to go.

3. Spice Situation

Spices should be kept in drawers rather than a wall-mounted shelf to guarantee that they are always available for cooking. Plus, by shielding them from light, warmth, and humidity, you’ll maintain their delicate flavors.

4. Shelf as a Wine Rack

Curved cradles, such as the acrylic one seen below, can transform a plain pantry shelf into a useful beverage storage center. We really like how this arrangement keeps your wine bottles placed on their sides while stopping them from sliding off the shelf.

5. Kitchen Storage Solution

Kitchen storage is one of the most important aspects of a functional kitchen. You will be faced with numerous frustrations and obstacles if it is insufficient or inefficient. Homeowners are beginning to explore better storage solutions within cabinetry to address these storage issues. Small appliance garages, drawer dividers for cutlery and utensils, pull-outs for spices, tray dividers, roll-out trays and caddies for pots and pans, wastebasket cabinets for garbage and recyclables, and/or deep drawers are examples of these. Food, drinks, and small appliances will be easier to store with these.

6. Pantry Baskets

Pull-out pantry shelves are a terrific way to keep canned items, dry products, and fruits and veggies organized while yet allowing for easy access and visibility. Whether you’re entertaining guests or making dinner for the family, your house and pantry should complement your lifestyle.

7. Make the most out of Kitchen Corners

Take a second look at your kitchen before you assume it doesn’t have any extra storage space. There’s a decent possibility there’s a lot of empty space in your kitchen’s corner. It will, as you would know, not only help you improve capacity, but it will also keep your goods sorted and accessible.


It’s undeniable that no matter how huge your kitchen is, there never seems to be enough storage space. However, based on the most recent kitchen storage trends, you can be sure that as long as you understand the fundamental storage concepts, you’ll always be able to come up with fresh and inventive ways to maximize your kitchen space and keep it as organized and accessible at the same time.

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