It’s What’s On The Inside That Counts

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Why Interior Organization Makes Your IKEA Kitchen Design Even More Beautiful

When you were a kid, you probably heard this phrase more than once from a well-meaning adult trying to impart the wisdom that personality should count much more than looks alone. And while we largely agree, when it comes to kitchen design, at IKD we are always striving for both with our IKEA designs – a kitchen that looks great but is also a pleasure to cook in – or even just hang out in – is our gold standard.

If you are a seasoned chef or even just a frequent short-order cook in a busy household, the last thing you need when you are trying to get dinner on the table is a struggle to find the right lid for the saucepan or to throw out your back trying to reach your salad spinner in the back of a cupboard. We get it and what’s more – we are experts in knowing exactly what you need to organize the interiors of your IKEA cabinetry system. Read on and learn how we can help you wrangle the beast that is creating an organized, efficient kitchen.

1. Kitchen organization systems have their own lingo

interior organization

Designing internal cabinet organization is difficult. Let’s start with the strange product names: blind corner storage, appliance lifts and pull outs. And there’s all the internal accessory options: more than 25 for wall cabinets, 30 plus for base cabinets. So many questions to ask yourself: Do I need a two-tier pull-out drawer under the sink? What about sliding shelves? I definitely need those but how many and where do they go?! I didn’t even know there WERE organizers for just my pot lids! How can I hide my giant mixer yet still be able to access it without dropping it on my toes?

Yes, all of these questions are valid and yes there are specific IKEA (as well as IKEA-compatible) interior gadgets and hardware with funny names to address all of these issues. At IKD we are well-versed in this and know how to optimize each and every design from the inside out.
You can check out the interiors of some of our favorite IKEA kitchen designs here and here.

2. We call this process ‘The Naked Kitchen’

naked kitchen

Here’s how it works: After your IKEA kitchen layout and room design is complete, our designers strip away the cabinet doors from your design, leaving what we call a naked kitchen – making the insides of the cabinets fully visible. We can guide and advise you based on our existing knowledge of how to make a kitchen fully-functional and efficient, but we are more than happy to incorporate special design requests and needs. For example, do you want to include your kids in daily meal prep? Think about the tasks you feel comfortable assigning to little ones and help them feel more independent by making things like cookie sheets, citrus juicers or wooden spoons for mixing more accessible by keeping them in tiered drawers that are easy to reach. Are you a vegan chef who uses larger prep equipment like spiralizers, food processors and tofu presses every day? We help you organize.

ikea kitchen designer

A blank palette to design all your internal organization – considering your entire kitchen. Clearly seeing organizers placed in each cabinet – understanding how they’ll integrate to form an efficient and organized kitchen

We’re certified IKEA kitchen designers with deep knowledge of both IKEA’s – and other compatible internal organizer brands.

IKD organizes your kitchen from the inside out!

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