How To Design ADA-Compliant IKEA Kitchens

accessible ikea kitchen


Learn how to incorporate ADA-compliant features into your IKEA kitchen

Most IKEA customers want an IKEA kitchen that is packed with style and function — a space that truly reflects their lifestyle. For our designers, no other type of kitchen showcases this approach more than ADA-compliant kitchens.

For those that don’t know, ADA-compliant means the design adheres to the standards set forth by the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) so that the space is appropriate and accessible for people with disabilities. This often means accessibility for a wheelchair user, including multiple height surfaces for wheelchair access; varied cabinet and appliance heights, or a space with large cabinet handles to make it easier to open and close cabinets.

Our team would like to share some recent ADA-compliant IKEA kitchen designs that reflect the possibilities utilizing IKEA cabinets with accessible design approaches. This includes a major kitchen remodel for IKD customer Ricky from London, England, who needed a kitchen design accessible to a wheelchair user and her non-wheelchair using family; a new IKEA kitchen designed for IKD customer Catherine from Miami, FL that features white IKEA AXSTAD cabinets and multiple work surfaces; an IKEA kitchen with light-colored IKEA cabinets for IKD customer Josephine from San Francisco, CA: and a commercial-style kitchenette for IKD customer Matt from Lincolnwood, IL, which includes an ADA-compliant sink and faucet.

Therefore, IKEA customers looking for accessible kitchen design ideas will certainly appreciate seeing how ADA-compliant kitchen designs combine style and security and will allow you to age-in-place with peace of mind in your IKEA kitchen.

Let’s take a look!

Accessible IKEA Kitchen

accessible ikea kitchen

The main challenge for IKD customer Ricky from London, England was straightforward: Design an kitchen that was suitable for a wheelchair user and a non-wheelchair using family.

“We needed a space with multiple-height work surfaces and lots of storage options,” Ricky explains. “We also wanted plain, matte and modern IKEA cabinets that were easy to keep clean and we wanted to incorporate a few external handles as well.” To that end, the streamlined space features IKEA VOXTORP Dark Grey base cabinets and Matte White wall cabinets with IKEA MAXIMERA drawers; as well as an IKEA GRUNDAD induction cooktop; an IKEA UNDERVERK hood; and an IKEA REGORA integrated dishwasher. There is a cut out under the IKEA HAVSEN sink for wheelchair access as well as under the cooktop countertop, allowing for the wheelchair user to cook or wash dishes easily. Making the work triangle even more efficient is the IKEA ESSENTIELL built-in stainless steel dishwasher which is next to the sink and the stainless steel refrigerator on the opposite side.

Added safety options include the IKEA KASKER custom white quartz worktops which are enhanced with IKEA MITTLED LED kitchen drawers and an IKEA MITTLED LED under cabinet spotlight. The kitchen is completed with a multi-level center island with seating for the entire family as well as a pull-out for trash cans and extra storage. “Everything about this IKEA kitchen works so well,” Ricky concludes. “It’s very efficient and we love all of the storage options!”

Traditional IKEA Kitchen

traditional ikea kitchen

IKD customer Catherine from Miami, FL, knew she needed an accessible IKEA kitchen – she just didn’t know where to start.

“I was not an expert in accessibility codes, so I welcomed IKD’s suggestions for our new construction IKEA kitchen. I am very glad I did!” she says. The space combines IKEA’s SEKTION cabinetry framework with Matte White IKEA AXSTAD upper cabinets and IKEA AXSTAD Matte Blue base cabinets along the perimeter as well as on the center island. Notably, all of the slab edges of the White quartz countertops feature a 30” overhang to accommodate wheelchair use.

“To meet the ADA requirement of 50% of shelving being accessible, there’s also a pantry around the corner with ample shelving,” she adds. In addition, the kitchen features IKEA MAXIMERA drawers (Catherine preferred drawers instead of doors), as well as a trash pull out and a Lazy Susan. The look is completed with a variety of stainless steel appliances, including the refrigerator; range and dishwasher (featured in the island for easy access), ultimately making the work triangle very wheelchair accessible.

IKEA Kitchen With Multi-Level Surfaces

ikea kitchenette

For IKD customer Josephine from San Francisco, CA, the sky was the limit with her ADA-compliant kitchen remodel.

She explains: “We needed to knock out our false ceiling and extend the height of the ceiling to the roof and add a skylight. We have tall ceilings (86-1/4”) and wanted wall cabinets to the ceiling in order to maximize storage.”

To accommodate accessibility for a wheelchair user, Josephine opted for light- colored cabinet doors and a minimalist design centered around IKEA’s SEKTION cabinetry framework. She selected custom cabinets from Kokeena with a clear, vertical grain (for the lower cabinets and the upper cabinets above the stainless steel refrigerator) as well as IKEA MAXIMERA drawers; IKEA UTRUSTA hinges and IKEA STROMLINJE LED countertop lighting. The space also features open shelving and a lowered white quartz countertop with a cut out under the small sink for easy wheelchair access.

The look is rounded out with a variety of stainless steel appliances, such as a vent hood (incorporated into the upper cabinets); a range; dishwasher and adjacent refrigerator, as well as additional storage options, such as a corner pullout, a pullout for spices and lower base cabinetry underneath the sink. And all of this was accomplished for $2,789!

“We’re so pleased by the results of our kitchen. It flows so smoothly and the storage from the open shelving makes meal prep very enjoyable,” she concludes.

IKEA Kitchenette

ikea kitchenette

Often, an ADA-compliant IKEA kitchen requires accommodating many needs.

Such was the case with this commercial-style IKEA office kitchenette, designed for IKD customer Matt’s company in Lincolnwood, IL. Matt needed an ADA-compliant, open-style, new construction kitchenette that featured dark grey and wood tones. “[We requested] an open kitchenette for a clean, modern warehouse/assembly building and office,” he notes.

He adds that due to building regulations it was required that the sink and faucet were ADA compliant. To accommodate these requests, Matt paired IKEA SEKTION cabinetry modular framework with IKEA’s VOXTORP cabinets in Dark Grey for all of the upper and base cabinetry along with IKEA MAXIMERA drawers. This was enhanced with IKEA’s stainless steel HUVUDSAKLIG built-in microwave featured in the tall pantry on the left side of the design and a center island with comfortable seating for multiple people.

For the sink and faucet, Matt opted for a Loften All-in-One Dual Mount Stainless Steel 33” 2-Hole Single Bowl Kitchen Sink with Pull Down Faucet by Kraus, which includes a cut out for wheelchair access underneath. The look is completed with IKEA’s FRYSBAR refrigerator with top freezer; IKEA’s MOTSVARIG glass ceramic cooktop; a Lazy Susan (carousel) and IKEA’s SÄLJAN oak effect countertops — all done for only $4,377.48!

As you can see, ADA-compliant elements in your IKEA kitchen will achieve a sound design with stylish results. We hope these examples inspire you to consider accessible options for your kitchen remodel so that you can enjoy a dynamic IKEA kitchen for many years to come!

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