Best Glass Partition Wall For Kitchen Ideas



If you’re a lover of homes with open spaces, but you like keeping divisions in your home between the kitchen and living room, you may want to consider installing a glass partition wall. Glass partition walls in homes help with isolating the smell and sounds from the kitchen. We’ll have a deeper look at everything you need to know about having a glass wall divider for the kitchen.

1. How much do glass partitions cost?

You can expect to pay around $25 and $75 per square foot for the installation of a tempered glass partition wall. The glass door will cost approximately $1,000 to $3,000 more. With regard to labor, the prices can range between $35 and $150 per hour, depending on your location. There are different factors that can affect the cost of a glass wall divider for the kitchen. Glass walls are generally more expensive than walls made from typical materials, like bricks or drywall. As the building gets taller, the installation becomes lower for glass, because the glass partition walls are easier to lift.

2. Which glass is used for making partitions?

Glass partition walls for your home can be made from various types of glass and can either be framed or frameless. Furthermore, the size and configuration of the sheets of glass used can be customized to different designs. The most common material used to make glass partition walls is satin glass. The glass is chemically treated to offer the desired finish on the surface. Apart from use at home, it can also be used to make partition walls in retail spaces or even hotels.

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3. Pros and cons of glass partitions walls

The glass partition walls have both pros and cons. Here are some:


● Noise reduction

When you have an open-plan living situation, noise pollution is a common problem. Having a glass partition wall in your home makes a huge difference in noise reduction, but you still feel connected to the rest of your space. When you prepare food, you don’t want to interrupt other people’s activities with noise from your kitchenware. A partition wall keeps noise confined in the kitchen.

● Odor control

Apart from noise coming from the kitchen, cooking also produces smells, grease, and smoke. You want to avoid that from entering the living room space. It doesn’t matter whether you have the best ventilation or extractor hood, the food odors will still travel across the spaces. When you install a partition wall, you ensure most problems remain where they should be, in the kitchen.

● They’re stylish

Most of the glass partition walls for your home are stylish and work everywhere. There are many varieties of glass partitions, they make beautiful statements in any room around your house. A nicely framed glass partition gives open-plan rooms a little personality.


● Cost

Glass manufacturing is a highly energy consuming progress. It’s an expensive material compared to other materials used for construction. This increases the general cost of building.

● Maintenance

In areas that are humid and dust prone, the dust particles tend to stick to the glass surface. The glass partition ends up looking dirty and shabby. This reduces internal lighting and transparency.

● Impact resistant

Glass material is less impact resistant. Therefore, the ability of glass partitions to withstand a load applied immediately is poor. It can break immediately under impact.

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4. Glass partition wall design styles

The following are some of the most exquisite glass partition designs you can consider for your home:

● 3D Glass Partition Design: the design cuts off the living room from other spaces and compliments other features as well.

● Folding glass partition doors: these are some of the best glass partition ideas. They’re flexible and innovative, they create boundaries while giving a sophisticated and urban feel to your room’s landscape.

● Wood and stained-glass partition: this type of design gives your house a traditional and cozy element. It provides a nice gentle glow to your living room, while hued lights slip through them. It helps efficiently separate your social space from the foyer.

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All in all, glass partition walls bring about a lot of charisma wherever you decide to install them. Therefore, you should not hesitate to upgrade those solid partition walls you have, and enhance your home’s beauty and creativity with glass partitions.

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