21 Kitchen Countertops


Kitchen countertops can make or break the kitchen, both aesthetically and functionally. That is why it’s important to choose the right one and in this article, we’ll give you some kitchen countertop ideas to make the choosing process easier for you.

Kitchen Countertops

1. Laminate

The laminate countertops are one of the most popular kitchen countertops. They are formed from the thin layer of a plastic laminate material that is bonded to the core of particleboard or medium-density fiberboard. Above all, they come in a variety of styles and colors.

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2. Granite Slab

If you want to add great appeal to your kitchen, the countertops made from the slab of granite can be a great option. They are installed by professionals and can be fabricated to specification as well.

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3. Ceramic Tile

These types of countertops are made from the individual clay-based tiles that are adhered over the cement-board core by using the thin-set mortar adhesives.

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4. Modular Granite

This is a less expensive option for those who want granite, or simply wish to save costs. Modular granite is essentially large tiles that are pieced together in order to form the countertop. Despite their heavy weight, they are lighter compared to slabs, which makes them a good option for DIYers.


5. Granite Tile

For a lot of homeowners, granite tiles can be quite a realistic DIY option since they are very small, and manageable, resembling ceramic tiles, which can be installed in almost the same way.

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6. Marble

Marble is a natural stone option for countertops despite its certain limitations. Its veined patterns, as well as unique appearance make it a highly attractive natural stone. But it’s a relatively porous and soft stone that needs to be repeatedly and carefully sealed when used for the kitchen countertops. It’s available in modular marble, solid slabs, as well as marble tiles.

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7. Soapstone

Soapstone is a quarried stone that has a milky, warm appearance, allowing it to complement a lot of design features. In terms of hardness, soapstone lies in between marble and granite, but it’s less porous compared to marble. It’s typically found in varying colors or tones of grays and whites.

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8. Slate

Slate is another natural stone, quarried from the earth, then cut into slabs, and eventually surface-grinded to the matte finish. It’s a great material for countertops because it’s relatively non-porous. Plus, it resists stains well. It comes with some subtle veining as well.

9. Solid Surface

This is a manmade material that was originally created as a simple alternative to stone and was designed to resemble granite. It’s typically made of polyester and blends of synthetic acrylic materials. The material remains held together with the resins and shaped into the slabs for use in the countertops.

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10. Recycled Glass Slab

This is a relatively new option, made from the blend of recycled glass that is melted down into the slabs for use in the countertops. Such countertops come in many styles, ranging from unusual material in which the bits of recognizable glass remain apparent, to those that look nearly indistinguishable from the natural granite or engineered quartz.

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11. Yellow Pine

The yellow pine wood countertop in your kitchen can add a refreshing look to it and create a pleasant atmosphere. The wood texture is an excellent texture contrast from a ceramic induction cooktop under a stainless steel range hood.

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12. Non-Recycled Glass

If you want something unique, you can form new, high-tensile glass into slabs for countertops. The result can be a wonderful and distinct countertop with many virtues.

13. Stainless Steel

Countertops made from stainless steel officially left a restaurant and nowadays you can find them in the homes of many people. Stainless steel countertops are usually custom fabricated to the precise specifications, installed by custom craftsmen.

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14. Paper Composite

Innovative manufacturers love experimenting with a lot of new materials, and paper composite is exactly one such material. Paper composite countertops are made of paper or even wood-based fibers, non-petroleum-based resins, and natural pigments. All these materials are mixed, then compressed, and eventually baked at high heat in order to create durable, dense, nonporous monolithic slabs.

15. Recycled Aluminum

Many people think that aluminum countertops are similar to stainless steel countertops, but the truth is that aluminum countertops are more similar to quartz or solid surface countertops. They are made of solid surface scrap, recycled acrylic, as well as a waste aluminum flake.

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16. Reclaimed Or New Wood

If you want to create an antique atmosphere in your kitchen, you can try green remodeling and install reclaimed wood counters. Flooring, siding, old wood counters, and barns can be repurposed, made into wood counters.

17. Zinc

Zinc is another unusual countertop surface. You can find such countertops in some bars as well as other commercial settings, although they are still a rare sight compared to some other countertops.

18. Terrazzo

Terrazzo countertops are the latest craze in kitchen interior design. Homeowners who want a contemporary twist to nostalgic designs will be delighted with this emerging trendy countertop material.

Terrazzo has come a long way since the 15th century. It was first created 500 years ago in Italy. This vintage material is generally composed of marble chips, glass, cement and resin.

19. White Quartz

In case you have a kitchen with primarily white, black, grey as well as stainless steel hues. Also you can add white quartz countertops to your kitchen, which will make space more appealing.

20. Sparkling Quartz

Sparkling quartz countertop can enhance the elegance of your kitchen. This countertop exudes grace and elegance.

21. Quartzite Countertops

Quartzite is the natural stone and man-made countertop material. Just like granite countertops, quartzite countertops are durable and hard, can take the heat, are strain-resistant, and do not scratch. They come in patterns and colors that resemble marble, so if you want the look of the marble countertop without all the maintenance, a quartzite countertop is a right choice for you.


As you can see, there are a lot of wonderful kitchen countertop ideas you can choose from. All you should do now is to carefully consider all the options and choose the one that ideally fits your requirements and preferences.

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