The kitchen trends from The Block 2021 and how to steal them

The kitchen trends from The Block 2021 and how to steal them


The Block 2021 has sadly ended for another season! Beyond the drama, the show remains an ongoing source of inspiration for our homes and we saw trends that will no doubt be on many people’s minds as they look to renovate over the next few months.

Josh and Luke’s kitchen

From Ronnie and Georgia’s hard-to-dislike neutral palette with stylish gold accents, to the pops of more daring colour in Tanya and Vito’s and Kirsty and Jesse’s homes, there was ample inspiration for all. Winning Appliances’ product expert Bruce Cranston shared his views with us this week.

Gold & brass metals caught our eyes

While it’s a trend we’ve been seeing grow over the last couple of years, The Block 2021 truly highlighted how traditional silver taps and kitchen cabinet handles are being somewhat overtaken by their very glamorous, eye-catching cousins – gold and brass.

Ronnie and Georgia’s kitchen

From Mitch and Mark’s brushed gold taps and draw handles, to Kirsty and Jesse’s very prominent navy and gold kitchen, these tones showed the kitchen is a place to have fun, which means adding some light and warmth in your metals.

Mitch and Mark’s kitchen

“Coloured appliances are a great way of  bringing life back into your kitchen and we are now seeing a greater variety of colours and designs to suit any personality and kitchen style,” says Bruce.

“Making a statement in your kitchen is not limited to appliances, but can also be incorporated through sinks and tapware. We are now seeing more sinks and tapware with vibrant finishes, including gold and brass. This allows you to customise your kitchen as well as give it a contemporary update to suit the modern home.”

He adds: “To achieve the look, brands like Zip, The Galley, Sussex and Titan are creating a plethora of kitchen accents that marry the glamour of gold and brass, with modern, innovative technologies – think Zip’s taps with heating, cooling and sparkling capabilities!”

This glamorous, yet timeless colour accent does not need to be limited to tapware. Brands like Fhiaba fridges are also offering the option of a gold or copper finish!

It’s all about clean lines and simplicity

Many homeowners are moving toward the seamless, streamlined aesthetic made possible with integrated appliances and induction cooktops such as those seen in all the houses on The Block in 2021. As our lives get busier, minimalism appeals, with neatly integrated appliances and flat, clean and easy to wipe-down induction cooktops.

Bruce says: “The integrated fridge look can be achieved now with many brands including Gaggenau’s range of knock-to-open fridges and Sub-Zero fridges, which use innovative technology to preserve food

“For those who might be sold on an induction cooktop after watching The Block, Bora’s induction cooktops with downdraft technology are the pinnacle of kitchen smarts because hot air instead travels down, removing the need for a more prominent rangehood that may obstruct your view. 

“Integrated natural gas cooktops from PITT provide the ultimate solution in integrated gas cooking. Unlike traditional cooktops, they enable customers to tailor their cooktop layout as they see fit, providing a sleek contemporary look to match any kitchen.”

Colour and neutrals were on an equal playing field

Time and time again, whites, blacks and neutral tones steal the show in the kitchen. They’re timeless, pair beautifully with any pop of colour and can be used to match a number of different styles, from minimalist, to Scandinavian; even industrial.

Tanya and Vito’s kitchen

It was refreshing to see pink in Tanya and Vito’s kitchen and an almost sage-like grey on Mitch and Mark’s cupboards. And we loved Kirsty and Jesse’s navy kitchen. While neutrals will always be a go-to, if you feel like creating a lot of energy or a truly unique look in your kitchen during your next renovation, The Block 2021 has confirmed colour is a wonderful way to do just that!

Kirsty and Jesse’s kitchen

Regardless of the home or the trend, one thing is certain: there is an endless amount of inspiration to begin pinning to our Pinterest boards. 

-If you’re thinking of making use of any of these trends in your next renovation or home appliance purchase, you can reach out to Winning Appliances to to receive a free virtual or face-to-face consultation with product experts at their showrooms across Australia. 

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