Stylish cat accessories that look good in your home: 10 finds

Michu litter box

From an all-in-one design that features a litter box, scratch pad and rest area to a playful scratch box and stylish feeding area solutions, there’s plenty to love in the latest array of cat accessories. As a cat owner myself and with Jen a current kitten foster mum, these things are on our radar more than usual!

Michu XL Castle 2-in-1 Semi-Closed Cat Litter Box with Scratch Pad in Morandi Green: Featuring a covered toilet, pull-out litter box and scoop, catch basin and rest area all in one this is one of the best looking, creatively designed cat accessories we’ve seen. $169.

Michu litter box

Kmart cat scratcher rainbow: Inspired by toddler rainbow stacking toys, this cute piece combines three scratchers in one. $12.

Kmart rainbow scratcher

Frank Green stainless steel pet bowl: This bowl features an anti-slip silicone base ensuring it resists even the most determined nose nudges while protecting your home’s floors. Because overpriced water vessels aren’t just for humans! From $49.95.

Makesure Cat Litter Box Cat Litter Tray: Available in four colours, this easy-access litter tray combines a litter box, inner cabinet and included scoop for all-in-one storage. It also features a non-stick, odour-blocking, removable litter tray while grated steps inside help trap litter, preventing tracks outside the box. $140.

Makesure litter box

Kmart cat litter box cabinet: This clever design looks like a simple piece of furniture but it hides a litter tray within. It’s a great way to keep litter and odour hidden and contained and it features an adjustable design for left-side or right-side entry. $59.

Kmart cat litter box cabinet

IKEA UTSÅDD cat house on legs, rattan: This cute rattan design features a handle at the top so you can move the bed from room to room. Legs elevate the cat house so that air can circulate from all directions. $119.

Cat house on legs, rattan

Cat St Bouclé Bungalow: Made from high density memory foam that contours to your cat’s body, this cat bed is covered in a removable, washable boucle (again, not just for humans!) fabric. The anti-skid base, waterproof inner and sturdy long-lasting zipper seal the deal. $189.

Boucle Bungalow

PURROOM Little Chicken Series milk box cat scratcher house: Any cat lover knows they love a box to hide and play in. This multi-purpose design is made of high density corrugated paper and cardboard (for long-term scratching) while the door and window allow your cat to play hide and seek too. And it’s a pretty cute design at a bargain price. $29.95.

PURROOM Little Chicken Series Milk Box Cat Scratcher House

Kmart pet bed hexagon: This soft, six-sided bed is the perfect spot for a nap. New in store. $30.

Kmart Pet bed hexagon

IKEA UTSÅDD place mat for food bowl, grey-green: This non-slip place mat keeps mess to a minimum while protecting the floor from water splashes and food mess. $5.

Place mat for food bowl, grey-green

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