Strip, Fix, Build



The Right Way To Remodel Your Tub Or Shower:
Strip It. Fix It. Build It Back.

Don’t Settle For A Contractor Who “Wallpapers”
A Flimsy Liner Over Your Existing Shower Or Bathtub.

Most remodelers in New Jersey don’t really explain to homeowners the options they have for remodeling a bathroom. They just act like whatever method they are proposing is the only way to go.

We’re different. We explain all of your choices with you in detail… but also why we believe the best choice is to “strip it, fix it, and build it back.”

The ‘Strip It, Fix It, Build It Back’ Method

First things first. Let’s define exactly what we mean by each step of the process.

  • Strip It: This means we’ll do a complete demolition and removal of your old bathtub or shower. We “strip it” down to the studs and subfloor.
  • Fix It: If we discover relatively minor problems after stripping out your old tub or shower, we’ll fix them and move on to installing the new one. If there are major problems—which aren’t typical but can happen—we’ll work with you on a solution. Either way, our full replacement method ensures you’re not just covering up serious problems (like mold issues).
  • Build It Back: Next, we install mold-resistant drywall on the wall area, and then we install your beautiful, new premium acrylic tub or shower.

With this full replacement method, you get down to the studs replacement and you avoid the risk of covering up serious problems.

What If You Don’t Do It This Way?

What other options do you have besides “strip it, fix it, build it back”?

One of the most common recommendations you’ll hear from many bathroom remodelers is to stick a flimsy liner over your existing tub or
shower. This method has several drawbacks, and one of the biggest is you won’t know what is going on underneath your old tub or shower.

  • If there are problems with rotting studs or moisture, that won’t get uncovered and fixed.
  • If you are having a mold problem (which is a health hazard), you won’t know it and it will continue impacting your home environment.
  • If there are any other issues under your old tub or shower, none of them will be addressed.

The reason nothing gets fixed is because the contractor didn’t start by stripping out the old tub or shower. Problems can continue to fester—not only won’t they be fixed, but you also won’t even know they’re happening until something bad happens.

Are There Other Ways To “Strip It, Fix It, Build It Back” Besides Ours?

You might be wondering if other remodeling methods besides ours will give you a full replacement of your tub or shower.

There are.

You could choose a more “traditional” full tub and tile replacement. And this method will allow you to strip it, fix it, and build it back. But the traditional full tub and tile replacement has 2 HUGE drawbacks:

  • It will take a looonnnng time—most full tub and tile replacement contractors will take weeks (sometimes months!).
  • It will cost a fortune (most will expect you to pay 2 to 5 times as much as we will quote you—and usually more towards the high end of that).

Bathroom Pros New Jersey Before And After Bathtub Remodeling Project

Bathroom Pros Is The PREMIUM Full-Replacement Solution

The bathroom remodeling solution that will give you the most peace of mind is our way of stripping it, fixing it, and building it back. You won’t be left wondering what problems are buried under your old tub or shower that will come back to bite you.

But you also avoid outrageous prices and being without your bathroom forever. You don’t have to do that to enjoy full replacement options.

We can usually accomplish your remodel in one day, and we charge a LOT less than traditional bathroom remodelers. Our method does cost a little bit more than just covering your old tub or shower with a liner, but it is a much more beautiful and durable solution.

Explore This Option For Free

We’d be happy to meet with you and provide a free consultation and quote. There’s no obligation – it’s a great way to explore your bathroom remodeling options in New Jersey.

Find out more about why ‘Strip It, Fix It, Build It Back’ is the best method by scheduling a free consultation now.