One half of the duo behind Miss Amara online rugs 10 years on

Miss Amara co-founders

In what must have been a whirlwind of a decade, Alexandra Tanya Weller, creative director and co-founder of Miss Amara, has seamlessly blended the worlds of motherhood and entrepreneurship, turning a passion for interiors into a business that turns over in excess of $20 million annually. “We believed in our business enough that I didn’t care – and we were young enough that I was willing to risk it all,” says Alexandra, who started the rug business in 2014 with her then fiancé Aaron Weller. Since starting the business, the couple have added a young son Hayden to their family.

Miss Amara co-founders
Miss Amara co-founders and husband and wife duo Aaron and Alexandra

Founded in 2014 by the now husband and wife, Miss Amara now has more than 70 staff operating eCommerce stores across Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand and the USA. But success certainly didn’t come quickly, with the couple trying out many ventures before landing on a successful formula. “There is a misconception that we fell into this out of luck and success was pretty much overnight. Between us we started three other businesses that failed, and for years we didn’t pay ourselves a salary,” says Alexandra.

Miss Amara
The couple with son Hayden in their Hong Kong home

Part of the brand’s success is no doubt the way in which it supports the entire shopping journey for customers. It takes what can be a daunting experience (buying a rug) and makes it accessible by offering free styling services by in-house interior designers as well as a virtual rug styling tool that uses augmented reality to help customers visualise what a rug will look like in their space. Crucially, Miss Amara also offers a risk-free returns service.

The Miss Amara team
Some of the Miss Amara team

And with all this success under her belt, Alexandra has a lot of wisdom to impart to would-be entrepreneurs. A self-confessed control freak with a strong vision, she thinks it’s common for small business owners to feel nervous about outsourcing tasks and letting go of various areas of responsibility and the overall vision. “But people will share your vision and now my only goals are to find people who can do things better than I can! I’m happy to say I’ve found a lot of them, and our business has never been stronger.”

The couple in their warehouse
The couple in their warehouse

With her keen eye for style, we asked Alexandra to share her favourite things, from books to fashion and more.

Favourite book: Now, Discover Your Strengths by Donald O. Clifton and Marcus Buckingham

Signature scent: Tom Ford – I really recoil at very floral, overpowering smells on myself, but think that smoky, sweet and borderline masculine smells are so intoxicating. I apply them very sparingly.

Favourite artist: It’s impossible to say favourite, but lately I have lost myself in the pencil drawings done by the superhuman CJ Henry. I am also really loving anything sculptural and have just purchased a Tan Arlidge – a gift for my husband’s 38th birthday.

The couple with their young son

Favourite designer: You can’t have too many Réalisation Par dresses – pair with a leather or denim jacket and go!

Hero: Too many to count, but I admire anyone who makes their work their passion and has fun doing so. Heston Blumenthal is a great example of a hero of mine.

Favourite drink: Rosé all day.

Favourite meal: So far, I haven’t lived a day where I haven’t been excited by the prospect of fresh sushi and sashimi.

Favourite restaurant in Australia: Cumulus Inc, 10 William St and Lumi Dining.

Favourite restaurant in the world: Allard, Paris.

Favourite cities in the world: Berlin, New York, LA, Paris.

Country you love to visit: Tokyo. So much so, I go every year.

Best hotel: We recently stayed at the Anantara Koh Samui, which was bliss.

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