Ocean Inspired Wallpapers


I’m driving the Oregon coast home today and seeing so many beautiful vistas as I make my way back to California. I’m stopping in several little beach towns on my road trip.

I’ve always loved living near the coast of California, like most people I find the sound of ocean waves therapeutic. One of my favorite things to do is to drive to the beach thirty minutes form my house and just sit and watch the sun set over the horizon.

I installed an ocean waves wallpaper in my powder room four years ago and I still love it, it cheers me up every time I’m in this space.

my home


Get the look and bring blue beachy vibes indoors with these fabulous ocean inspired wallpapers!

poseidon blue / wild ocean

linear waves / carribean coral

ocean waves slate / watercolor waves

 watercolor whales / bass school

beach huts  / jellyfish

 school of fish / navy wave

calm seas wallpaper / seabrook abstract

faded waves / watercolor waves