Make a statement with your splashback: the main options

Make a statement with your splashback: the main options


The kitchen is a major focal point in any home, and with countless design and style choices for you to make – from the cabinetry, benchtops to the appliances and fixtures, the splashback should not be forgotten. There is a bounty of colours and materials on offer for your splashback which can add a level of sophistication and focal point to every kitchen.

Jen’s Caesarstone splash in her kitchen. Image: Jacqui Turk

But how do you decide what to splash on for your splashback?

Below, Heidi Schwieters, senior interior design consultant at Henley, shares her splashback insights and what is catching her eye in 2021.

Tiling it

From sleek subway tile, head-turning hand chiselled Moroccan tile to eye-catching patterned tile, these choices evoke a range of emotions and reactions from the subtle to the loud and proud. With tiles, you can either select a tile that blends in with the cabinetry or choose a tile that will make the kitchen pop. Think about not only what takes your fancy today but what has timeless appeal. I absolutely love the Kit-kat-shaped mosaic tiles with their modern and unique look.  They really add to the kitchen’s dramatic style which I adore. And you can also use grout to play on the tile effect and pattern.

The panache of porcelain

For the ultimate in sophistication, why not consider the impressive extra-large porcelain panel tiles. This splashback choice has an air of opulence to it that is stunning to look at and easy to care for, and as an added bonus there is no need for grout. These panels have a magnificent marble or concrete look, which will complement your cabinetry and will sit perfectly with any choice of colours and kitchen styles. With this panelling, the splashback becomes one of the standout features of the kitchen so you can pare back on other features to allow it to shine.

The real deal

Another splashback material hot on-trend is solid stone. With dozens of choices on offer, this is obviously an extravagant option for your kitchen. At Henely we have many clients who opt to have their Caesarstone benchtop’s match the splashback, creating this dazzling symmetry that is polished and refined.

Going glass

With glass, you can be as bold or as subtle as you wish, showcasing your personality or use the colouring to be the backdrop to other showstoppers in the kitchen. Glass selections eliminate grout which is another huge bonus, for the cleaning aspect. At Henley Design, our current favourite Glass splashbacks are Grey Pebble and Grey Reflection, both are beautiful and are subtle grey beige colours. Leaning themselves to the grey family as well as fitting effortlessly into warmer colour palettes. With Glass splashback we love to find colours that complement the scheme, enabling us to focus and draw the eye to our hero pieces such as the Caesarstone benchtops and laminex cabinetry.

The wonder of a window splashback

Window splashbacks are a simple yet stunning choice that allows natural light to seep throughout the home, bringing the outdoors inside. Being able to look at your outdoor area, with lots of greenery while your cook is such a simple delight that you won’t take for granted.

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