How to master the art of creating a flatlay

How to master the art of creating a flatlay

Whether you’re arranging to capture the perfect beach setup for your Instagram story or simply want to create a mood board for your dream bedroom, flatlays are a captivating way to tell a story with objects. Delving into the world of aesthetically pleasing setups, Henley interior design consultant Clarrisa Bentley Bell guides us through the process of mastering the art of creating stunning flatlays.

Flatlays are a form of photography where objects are arranged on a flat surface, usually from a top-down perspective, and photographed. The key to a successful flatlay lies in the composition, arrangement, and attention to detail. 

Clarrisa states that “flatlays are like a canvas where you can print your imagination and tell a story through carefully curated objects.”

Her essential tips and tricks to create beautiful flatlays:

  1. Select a theme

Start your flatlay journey by choosing a theme or concept. Your theme will set the tone and guide the selection of objects, colours, and props. It could be anything from a seasonal theme to a mood-based concept. “Themes help give your flatlay a cohesive and visually appealing look.”

  1. Choose your props wisely

The objects and props you select should complement your theme and add depth to your flatlay. Keep in mind that less is often more. Quality over quantity is a golden rule in flatlay creation. “Each prop should have a purpose and enhance the overall story you’re trying to tell.”

  1. Find the right lighting

Lighting is crucial in photography, and flatlays are no exception. Natural light works wonders for capturing the details and colours of your objects. Soft, diffused light is ideal to avoid harsh shadows. “Experiment with photographing at different times of the day to find the perfect light.”

  1. Experiment with composition

Play around with the arrangement of your objects. Experiment with symmetry, asymmetry, and negative space. The composition should guide the viewer’s eye through the flatlay. 

  1. Edit with care

Post-processing can enhance the beauty of your flatlay. Use editing tools to adjust brightness, contrast, and colours to achieve the desired look while keeping it natural.  “Editing is like adding the final brushstrokes to your masterpiece. But remember, less is more.”

Flatlays are a visual playground where you can express your personality and style. The beauty of flatlays lies in their simplicity and the ability to create something extraordinary from everyday objects. By showcasing objects in their own light, an attention to detail is necessary to separate an ordinary flatlay from an exceptional one. 

With the right theme, props, lighting, composition, and editing, you can create captivating flatlays that leave a lasting impression.

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