How to create that holiday feel, even in your own home

How to create that holiday feel, even in your own home

Embarking on the journey to create your dream holiday home is an exciting adventure, and when executed skilfully, a winning formula promises relaxation, comfort, and unforgettable moments. Whether it’s all year-round vacation vibes you’re looking to create in your home or to maximise the benefits of a ‘home away from home’, a few simple design tricks can help you on your way. 

Here interior designer Melissa Bonney from The Designory provides valuable insights into curating an ideal retreat, using her Samudra House as a case study. According to Melissa, the key to creating a getaway sanctuary is all in the styling and choice of materials required to get the look, while ensuring a harmonious flow. “As a designer, creating a feeling when you walk into a home is the epitome of success,” says Melissa. “Designing with every amenity and detail in mind is the key to success in creating the ultimate getaway.”

Blending with nature

Taking cues from your surroundings and focusing on natural materials that work within the landscape, helps to create a harmonious vibe from the outset. Materials such as natural timber panelling and brushwood fencing can blend well in any environment. 

“Samudra House, situated in Byron Bay, is inspired by the pristine oceans of the surrounding coastline, the perfect background for crafting a dream holiday home,” says Melissa. The home is instantly welcoming with layers of white, textured and rendered surfaces and the warmth of timber, captured beautifully through its oversized windows. “Large, well-designed windows can not only fill your spaces with natural light but can also enhance the overall experience of your holiday home,” Melissa says. “To gently diffuse the light when needed and to bring a relaxed mood to the room, dress with a sheer S-wave curtain; a practical and elegant finish that adds softness, movement and texture.” 

Creating flow 

When it comes to designing a holiday home, an important aspect to consider is flow. Samudra House features four bedrooms, four bathrooms, two living areas and a lushly landscaped outdoor entertaining area. It is the perfect space for larger groups to reconnect and unwind, says Melissa. “In order to be successful however, considering how guests move around and interact with each other was a critical part of the design.”

The house has a strong focus on light and flow throughout each of its sizeable rooms, which are connected via neutral, earthy colour schemes and soft sheer window treatments in the communal areas. Curves have been used as a stunning design element and to assist in uniting the interiors further, elevating the holiday home’s aesthetic with drama and softness. “Curves add depth and contrast to a home,” explains Melissa. “In designing the organic shaped ceiling in the main living rooms, we’ve created a very modern feeling, but at the same time it’s warm, welcoming and visually appealing. To create flow through the home, we’ve continued with curves in the kitchen, with furnishings and light fittings.”

A peaceful getaway

Privacy and a good night’s sleep are paramount in a holiday home, and a key contributor to achieving this is selecting the right window treatment. Blockout blinds and curtains are often a perfect solution and can transcend a design, framing a window while adding warmth and softness, depending on the desired aesthetic. If curtains are the better option aesthetically, look for one that delivers both style and substance, such as a blockout curtain which adds a visual element of textural depth and dimension as well as all important light control. 

Invest in motorisation for effortless living

The convenience and sophistication of motorised window treatments elevate the luxury of your holiday home, providing effortless control over light and privacy with style. “The largest advantage of smart window coverings is how much easier they make your day-to-day life,” says Melissa. “We were beyond impressed with the smooth install and features of the motorised curtains in the living area. Streamlined and high performance, the motorised curtains help to retain easy visual access to the exteriors timber accents while adding a certain je ne sais quoi of their own. I adore them!” 

Colourful ambience and material harmony

Paying attention to colour schemes and materials is key to making your holiday home a welcoming haven for family and friends. Soft terracotta hues and walnut details in Samudra House add warmth to its white interiors. “How a house makes you feel is important when designing a home. With this in mind, I chose materials that had a natural and understated finish, you’ll notice there is a mix of timbers, and concrete with a neutral palette. I wanted the home to have a feeling of space and a sense of calm. My styling is a fusion of organic, minimalist, classical style.” 

Intimate gathering spaces 

Samudra House is light filled and the interior is a warm white, supported by timber accents that offer a warm and understated look. An open-plan kitchen and living area provides a sociable place for guests to commune, with an outdoor dining area that can be extended using the motorised folding arm awning if necessary, becoming an extension of the indoor space. “The awning can make all the difference to indoor/outdoor living,” says Melissa. “Not only does it provide a stylish shade solution for larger gatherings, but it provides the added benefit of helping maintain the home’s internal temperature by reflecting the harsh Australian UV rays and offering airflow.”

Luxaflex window furnishings were used throughout this house.

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