Draw on your travels says Dulux with latest before and after

Draw on your travels says Dulux with latest before and after

With Autumn looming, many of us will make a few seasonal tweaks to our home but for those looking to make a more dramatic statement, look no further than the Journey palette drawn from the Dulux 2024 Colour Forecast. One of three palettes in the forecast, Journey is inspired by travel, folk traditions and cultural differences – as its name suggests. “The palette evokes a sense of security and comfort in the home – making it ideal for autumn – and is influenced further through the layering of textures and objects with rich ancestral heritage,” says Dulux colour and communications manager Andrea-Lucena Orr.

Under the expert guidance of Dulux colour forecaster and stylist Bree Leech, the palette has been used to transform this new family home with the master bedroom, hallway and living room all looking quite unrecognisable from their humble beginnings.

BEFORE Master bedroom
AFTER Master bedroom. Dulux Autumn Seasonal 2024 – Journey palette.

In the master bedroom, Dulux Clouded Sky transformed a neutral space into a gorgeous blue sanctuary. “The greyed off blue adds a level of complexity to the room that draws the occupant in and is accompanied by layers of mid-tone shades, including Dulux Antique White U.S.A. and Dulux Hay Wain, that feature within art and textiles to help ground the space,” says Bree Leech. 

Dulux Carmen (also from the Journey palette) is referenced in the rich berry hued floor length curtains that feature in the room while mismatched pillows, floral bed throws and decorative objects add further visual interest. We love the way in which they’ve used the same blue tone on the walls, skirtings and window frames for a fully immersive experience.

BEFORE Living room
After: Living room
AFTER Living room. Dulux Autumn Seasonal 2024 – Journey palette.

Once an all-white space, the living room has been overhauled with Dulux Bruised Burgundy which does seem rather fitting for the autumn months. A new sofa, occasional chair and woven baskets all add further texture and dimension to the space. “Artwork, woven lighting and a tribal rug completes the bohemian charm, tying the colour palette together,” says Bree.

The secondary living space features a refreshing blue green on the walls, which is perfect for soaking up the autumn sun before the darker winter days. “Dulux Swedish Blue is very uplifting and works as a backdrop for other warmer colours, it can bring some life to an otherwise uninspiring room,” says Bree.

Hallway: After
AFTER Secondary living space. Dulux Autumn Seasonal 2024 – Journey palette.

Dulux Autumn styling tips

  • Let colour set the mood: Choose a main colour that creates the mood you want to create in your room, space or home and incorporate different colours through accessories, arts and crafts, and treasured heirlooms. 
  • Add interest with objects, materials and textures: Ensure you use different materials and textures in accessories and furnishings. Use artwork to complete the space and tie in colours within the room. Embrace the significance of preserving traditions and treasured heirlooms.
  • Start with one room: To build colour confidence, start in one room with a colour that immediately stands out to you personally. Whether painting just one or two walls or trying colour on an architectural feature, a door or furniture piece or even just a vase can make a huge difference and encourage you to keep going with your colour journey. 
  • You could use the Journey palette as a guide (all the colours complement) by adding different elements, such as art and furniture, to bring those hues into your space. The wall colour you choose should work alongside other existing furnishings and home décor harmoniously alongside any fixtures and fittings.

Photographer: Lisa Cohen | Stylist: Bree Leech

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