DIY: Holiday Paper Ornaments

DIY: Holiday Paper Ornaments


These lightweight paper ornaments are perfect displaying on a mantel, and you can customize the color to your holiday palette.

What you’ll need:

• Cardstock or paper from secondhand books
• Pencil
• Circle template (approx. 5″ diam.)
• Stapler
• Scissors
• String
• Glue stick
• Paper clips


1, Fold each sheet of paper in half and then in half again.

2. Using the circle template, trace out a circle. Do this with at least 12 pieces of paper, and cut out.

3. In groups of four, fold the stacked circles in half and then unfold them and fold them back on themselves. Once all the circles have been folded, put them together in one stack.

4. Staple along the folded centre seam, at the top and bottom, then find the middle of the stack and glue on a string for hanging.

5. Glue all adjacent flaps together, alternating top and bottom. Use paper clips to keep the flaps together while the glue dries.

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