DIY: Faux Marble Candle Holders

DIY: Faux Marble Candle Holders


I have this thing with the wood aisle at Lowe’s. They have a great selection of short poplar pieces in various sizes and they always inspire ideas, like these table leg candlesticks from last year and these basket planters a few months ago.

I spied a chunky 3×3” piece and thought, hmmm, if I wrapped that in marble contact paper I bet it I could make them look like a high end marble candle holders but on the cheap. I liked this style but wanted a trio in different heights.

These candle holders have a high end look but were really cheap to make. I wrapped wood cut at different lengths with black marble contact paper and topped them off with spray painted copper caps to create them. (Compare to versions like this and this that are way more expensive.)

To recreate these here’s what you need: one 3x3x48” poplar square; black marble contact paper; 3/4” copper caps; gold spray paint, black spray paint (optional); spray adhesive; super glue; sanding wedge; scissors; miter saw.

I found the 3x3x48” poplar square but you could also use 2” square or 3” round circle pieces too!


The copper caps I found in the plumbing department, the 3/4” size fits standard taper candles. There are various kinds of copper pipe connectors and caps in the 3/4” size, I chose the simple cap for my project.

Trim the blocks to desired height, these are 5”, 6 1/2” and 8” height. Sand the edges to remove any roughness.

I spray painted them black thinking the contact paper would stick better to painted surface instead of raw wood. Here they are without the contact paper wrap and these look good too!

Of course you could paint them any color and add the copper cap top in its raw state or painted a contrasting color.

A larger group of these wood candle holders would make a great Halloween candelabra!

The faux marble surface is created by wrapping the blocks like a present.

The one thing about contact paper is it has an adhesive back but to make it stick better, unwrap the block and give it a light coat of spray adhesive for greater adhesion then rewrap.

Wrap the long sides first then trim the edges and fold them over the top and bottom.

I spray painted the copper caps with gold leaf spray paint and super glued them to the top. Voila!

An easy project for adding faux marble decor to your space! You could use the same contact paper to create bookends, cover trays or desktops, planters and canisters too!