Custom mosaic tiles for inside and out!


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You’ve probably heard of Grafico’s custom print wallpapers from their regular features on The Block, but today I want to tell you about another offering they have which has impressed me no end!

You really need to know about their custom printed tiles! Custom, digitally printed resin tiles to suit your exact requirements, imported from Italy, fully waterproof and suitable for indoors and out. And all at a surprisingly reasonable price and lead time!

Making a small pool that bit extra!

You may have seen them in comedian Em Rusiciano’s bathroom on Instagram, or you might remember the epic (and no maintenance!) outdoor green walls from 2019’s Block. The good news is, you too can have something this unique in your own home and the options are pretty much endless!

THAT green wall on The Block: no watering required!

Just 2mm thick, lightweight and easy to apply (on curves too), you can even install them on top of existing tiles in good condition. They come in 250x250mm sheets and you definitely don’t need an angle grinder to cut them! And because the design itself is actually at the back of the mosaic, it’s totally protected from the elements and you can rest assured it isn’t going anywhere!

Bougainvillea all year round!

Grafico are the exclusive distributor of this innovative product after managing director Damian Corney discovered it a few years ago and started a successful relationship with a factory in Puglia, Italy. And because the tiles are so lightweight, even shipping them here via airmail doesn’t make the price point prohibitive. And even during the pandemic, they can be here in four-to-six weeks from artwork approval. You can design your own or choose from existing designs. Oh, the possibilities!

Em Rusciano used this natives design in her bathroom

To give you an idea of price, you’re looking at around $1,700, including air freight and GST, for the average 2.5mx2.5m feature wall of mosaics, made exactly to your requirements. A bargain for such a show-stopping and unique design feature if you ask me! And they come with a 10-year warranty. The same thing in regular custom-design mosaic tiles could run to tens of thousands!

The installation process is so simple, you don’t need to worry about upsetting your tiler! Each custom tile square (usually 250x250mm sheet) is numbered individually during production, allowing them to be laid out in numerical order to form the whole image in preparation for tiling. They use the same glue and grout system and products as for regular tiles too.

The flexible nature of the tile sheets allows them to be applied to irregular surfaces including curved objects as well as be trimmed to fit into unusual wall or floor spaces. Whole bathroom feature wall? Eye-catching outdoor mosaic artwork? Pool feature? The choice is yours!

The hardest part? Choosing how and where you’ll use Mosaico!

Jimmy and Tam were one of many couples to use Grafico’s custom wallpaper on The Block over the years
Sarah and George use Grafico wallpaper on The Block last year

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