Common Bathroom Remodel Design Mistakes to Avoid



7 Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes New Jersey Homeowners Make

Want A High-Quality Bathroom Remodel You’ll LOVE?

Avoid These Common Mistakes Homeowners Make…

If you’re a New Jersey homeowner in need of a bathroom remodel, you have many factors to consider. And if you want truly amazing results, you need to make the CORRECT decisions about ALL of them.

We can help you with that. We’ve compiled a list of seven of the most common mistakes homeowners make when renovating their bathrooms. By viewing this list, you’ll get a better understanding of what NOT to do… and put yourself in a better position to make the right decisions regarding your bathroom makeover.

#1: Inadequate Ventilation

When you’re remodeling your bathroom, ventilation is one of the most important aspects to consider. Unfortunately, it’s the element that homeowners—and contractors—tend to overlook most.

That’s a problem—a BIG one. Poor bathroom ventilation can cause all kinds of problems. Mold. Mildew. Rotting. Warping. Peeling wallpaper. You name it.

It’s true that ventilation may not be visually appealing like other parts of a bathroom remodel (flooring, shower, vanity, etc.). But it’s still vitally important to a successful bathroom renovation. That’s why it’s critical to choose a bathroom remodeler that will design and execute a plan for proper ventilation.

#2: Bad Lighting

Bathroom lighting should be functional and relaxing. It has to achieve that perfect balance of brightness and aesthetics.

Bathroom lighting that’s too low won’t be sufficient when you’re getting ready in the mirror. Bathroom lighting that’s too bright can create a harsh, unpleasant atmosphere. Lighting must be perfectly calibrated to YOUR needs. After all, you’re going to be using your new bathroom for years to come.

Bad Bathroom Lighting

#3: Putting Too Much In A Tiny Area

An easy way to get subpar bathroom remodeling results is to cram too much into the space. Depending on the size of the bathroom, a gorgeous vanity or luxury tub may simply not fit.

Remember: A bathroom remodel shouldn’t just be about looks—it should be about FUNCTIONALITY and COMFORT. It’s all about striking that perfect harmony between the two. When you achieve that, you get a bathroom remodel you’ll LOVE for years to come.

#4: Choosing The Wrong Materials

This is an especially large problem in the world of one-day bathroom remodels. Most one-day bathroom materials are flimsy fiberglass liners that bend and warp. These liners get “wallpapered” over your existing wet area, which can also cause water to become trapped in between.

Quality aside, it’s also important to consider the maintenance requirements of different materials. For example, an acrylic shower system will require MUCH less maintenance than a tile-and-grout shower. Before settling on a material, consider how much upkeep you want to perform on your bathroom renovation. After all, you’ll have those materials in your home for a long, long time!

#5: Spending Your Money On The Wrong Things

It can be tempting to dedicate most of your budget to an ultra-luxury vanity or an extravagant marble bathtub. Honestly, if those are truly what you want, then go for it!

But if you’re like many New Jersey homeowners, you want to renovate more than one area of your bathroom. That’s why it’s important to carefully review your budget—preferably with a professional bathroom remodeler. This way, you can determine how to allocate your budget to get EVERYTHING you want from your bathroom remodel.

#6: Insufficient Drainage

Believe it or not, but many bathroom remodeling contractors get their customers’ drainage needs WRONG. It seems like something so simple, yet (like ventilation) it tends to be an afterthought.

Poor drainage can cause water to pool while you’re taking a shower. It can also cause your bathroom sink to back up. When this occurs, many homeowners think there is a clog. In actuality, it simply comes down to the contractor installing improper drainage because they lack the proper plumbing expertise.

#7: Going It Alone

At the end of the day, the best possible way to achieve a high-quality bathroom remodel is to get expert assistance. A proven bathroom remodeler will know exactly how to design a renovation that meets your needs AND tastes.

The good news is that most of New Jersey’s best bathroom remodelers provide free design consultations. This allows you to gain insight from an expert without having to make any kind of financial commitment. Some companies even allow you to explore ideas with online bathroom design tools.

Of course, not all bathroom remodelers have your best interests at heart. They’re more concerned with padding their profits than providing objective advice.

That’s why it’s important to vet a company’s reputation before reaching out to them. Read what their past customers say. See if they’ve won any industry awards. And be sure to check out examples of the company’s work. These are a few excellent ways to determine whether a company “walks the talk.”