Why You Should Think About a Gorgeous Green Bedroom for 2022

Dark green coupled with white creates a captivating and relaxing modern bedroom


It is sometimes just amazing how quickly time passes us by. It feels like only yesterday when we were so desperate to move past the troubled times of a pandemic-stricken 2020 and welcome 2021 gleefully. And here we are already at the cusp of 2022 with less than a couple of months before the New Year greets us all again. With Thanksgiving festivities and the Holiday Season ahead, we are pretty sure that 2022 will be here in no time at all and that is why now is a good time to plan for the year ahead! Even though we are still a bit unsure about the biggest decorating and design trends for the next year, one thing we are absolutely certain of – green is going to be the color of 2022.

Dark green coupled with white creates a captivating and relaxing modern bedroom
Dark green coupled with white creates a captivating and relaxing modern bedroom [From: Henry Woide]


Some of the top paint and décor firms across the world have already embraced different shades of green as their color the year. Many of them seem to veer towards muted and pastel green hues that also bring along with them a mix of gray and blue. Be it October Mist by Benjamin Moore or Evergreen Fog by Sherwin Williams, you just cannot miss all the love for green that surrounds us at the moment. With that in mind, we wish to share with you some of the most beautiful and comfortable bedrooms in green as you plan to redecorate your home for the year ahead –

Green Everywhere!

Green is a color you are bound to encounter more and more frequently in the next 12-24 months and that is not just something relegated to the bedroom or the living room alone. There are a variety of reasons for this move away from blues and yellows to the many shades of green. For starters, it is a color that represents fresh beginnings, hope and new life – something that many seem to crave for after the pandemic-struck years. Then there is the revival of interest among homeowners to once again connect with all things natural. And green offers this opportunity, even if it is just from a visual standpoint, in the urban setting.

Light and pastel green shades are great for minimal, modern bedrooms
Muted greens like the one used in this compact Paris bedroom as a hit in the year ahead! [From: Oïkos Architectes]
Combine different shades of green in the bedroom for a more curated and chic look [From: Lucy Interior Design]

Green Along with Bedroom Style

According to both scientist and Feng Shui, green is arguably the best color for the bedroom if you are looking to turn it into a place where you get ample rest and sleep. It is a naturally relaxing color, puts your mind at ease and also brings freshness it the space without filling it with too much color. Lighter, more muted shades of green can be used for the bedroom walls and they also make sure that the room is not gaudy despite the change in the color scheme. Green in modern bedrooms has been a rarity when compared to blue and yellow. But in traditional, eclectic and Mediterranean style bedrooms, the color can be used in a more extravagant fashion.

Deep green backdrop is right for the more classic and eclectic bedrooms with ample natural light [From: Susan Dario]
Green accent wall in the small apartment bedroom transforms the ambiance of the space
October Mist in the bedroom is a must try for design enthusiasts in the year ahead [From: Benjamin Moore]
Use wallpaper to usher in the trendiest color of 2022 without a major bedroom makeover [From: House of Brazier]

Find New Ways to Add Green

We understand that not everyone is keen of giving their bedroom an entire new makeover each year and that is why we suggest you choose a lovely neutral backdrop for the space and couple it with trendy accent hues. Replace the old sheets, bedding, accent pillows and vases in the room with those in green for the next few months. If you love the look, take things a step further with an accent wall in green. For those with color commitment issues, this is the ideal way to get started before you understand what works best in your bedroom. Get creative as you add green to your life in 2022!

Use bedding, vases, accent pillows and other accessories to add green to the bedroom [From: Susan Semmelmann Interiors]
Walls in muted green along with drapes in bright green bring freshness to this modern bedroom
Delightful blend of green and yellow in the bedroom with midcentury modern vibe [From: No.54 Interiors]
Lovely green wallpaper in Paisley pattern brings both color and contrast to this urbane. small bedroom [From: cherkasova design]

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