Tiny 18 Sqm Apartment in Lyon with a Space-Savvy Modern Scandinavian Design


18 square meters of space – that is just about 190 square feet of interior and for most of us that definitely is not enough for a comfortable home. But this tiny apartment in Lyon makes it all work beautifully with an interior that feels relaxing, charming and is just perfect for a couple starting out in big city. The apartment was chiseled out of a larger 60-square foot apartment in the building and the most eye-catching feature in here is undoubtedly the bright yellow couch in the living space. A small partition with wooden beams delineates the living area from the space-savvy, single wall kitchen and dining area behind it.

Small 18 square meter studio apartment in Lyon created from a larger 60 sqm apartment
Small 18 square meter studio apartment in Lyon created from a larger 60 sqm apartment

As is apparent by the size of the apartment, there is not too much to work with in here and the kitchen turns to wall-mounted cabinets to make the most of the vertical space on offer. White and wood are the only two colors in here apart from the bold splash of yellow and the little blue accents spread out in the bedroom and the bathrooms. Despite the renovation, the original parquet flooring and the old fireplace have been preserved and restored to create a beautiful fusion of the old and the new.

Small dining area for three inside the compact kitchen area
Sunny and stylish yellow colorful sofa for the tiny modern living room
Tiny kitchen and dining area of the home with original parquet flooring intact
Compact and modern bathroom in blue and white

The flood of natural light in the living room also improves the ambiance inside significantly and makes sure that you do not feel claustrophobic. Even in the tiny dining area, an open floating shelf above provides additional storage space even as it acts as a decorative element. This is an apartment where there is absolutely no room for excesses and every single element has been carefully placed to reduce visual fragmentation of space without sacrificing the subtle modern Scandinavian style in every room.

Dashing and space-savvy cabinets for the tiny modern kitchen
Floor plan for the small studio apartment that is just 18 square meters in size
Look at the small apartment before the completion of the modern, space-savvy renovation

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