Tall Bench Seat with Footrest

tall bar bench lifeguard seat


Our hockey rink needed some taller seating so you can see over the boards while watching a game.  I looked and looked for just the right piece – really a lifeguard style chair, but in a bench/bleacher format – but couldn’t come up with anything.  Nothing.  

So I decided to build something!

Taking inspiration from time tested wood picnic tables, I came up with this:

tall bar bench lifeguard seat

It is very comfortable, sturdy, and durable.  Since it was easy to make, we could make more to seat more fans right on the glass.  

Other Uses for this Tall Bench

It’s hard to believe that everyone doesn’t need a hockey game viewing bench (really?) but maybe you don’t.  But you might need:

  • Raised view over railing – if you have a gorgeous view, but your railing is in the way, a bench like this could get you the height to see over it
  • Other sports venues where you normally would stand, this bench puts you at a standing height, but with the comfort of sitting
  • Back row – placed against walls or behind table set ups, the tall bench gives you height to see over lower tables, chairs, or benches

This was a pretty easy build – a few angles, but nothing crazy.  It ended up being sturdy and comfortable, the foot rest is crucial to taking the weight off and helping step up to the bench seat.  

Here’s the video of me getting it built


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