Style Your Sofa According to Season



Changing seasons depict an exciting time of the year, be it the first snowflakes dancing their way to the ground, or the seedlings pushing their way out of the soil after a cold winter. While it’s nice to look out of the window and admire the weather, it’s more fun to get some of nature’s excitement indoors. 

What better way to do it than styling the most used part of your living room; your sofa! Remove any signs of the previous season from your sofa, and you will have a blank canvas ready to be brought back to life. Is this even possible? You may ask. The answer is an empathetic yes! You can indeed design your sofa based on different seasons. What’s more? You can even indulge yourself again a few months later when the next season traipses in! Read on to find out more. 

Spring Is In the Air

The scent of spring can be invigorating, heralding new beginnings. Let’s look at how you can bring the season of love and hope into your living room. 

Letting your cushions reflect the season is a good beginning while designing your sofa according to the spring season. You can select a soft colour palate or go wild with sassy colours. Floral prints on cushions work well in this case, especially when you also throw in a checkered pattern. However, too many floral cushions may look overpowering, defeating the essence of the season. 

Cushions in neutral shades can work with any season. All you need to do is throw a patterned pillow in the mix. When you have the basic colour palette, it’s easy to mix and match your cushions without spending too much on designing. A lightweight throw that coordinates beautifully with the colour palette could be a beautiful addition to styling your sofa.

Add-On Tips for Spring Sofa Décor

While you have the spring flavour in place on your sofa, a few spring vignettes won’t hurt the décor of the living room space, this could be done by using:

  • Cane baskets to bring the spring accent to life
  • Fresh blooms to add the right touch to this design
  • Faux flowers that look life-like are also an option for people with tight budgets
  • A floral printed throw is ideal for solid colour cushions. But, if your cushions have a floral theme, opt for a solid colour throw.

Summer Fun

Summer is a time to enjoy the sun and outdoor activities. But it is also an opportunity to style your sofa for the summer months. If you have warm-coloured throws or velvet cushions, it’s time to put them away for the future winter months and use something neutral and calming in colour to set the tone for summers.

Linen and cotton are suitable materials to be used for a cooling effect. Colours such as watermelon pink, lemon yellow, and mint green are the perfect colours for this season. 

If you want a seaside décor for your sofa, then fringed raffia cushions are just the perfect choice for designing a summer-themed sofa styling. 

Add-On Tips for Summer Sofa Styling

  • Stick to muted tones or pastels if you are feeling daunting while selecting colours
  • For a beach like décor, you can go for a dash of ocean blue
  • Add a pop of colour to your sofa styling by letting a couple of bright coloured cushions make a bold statement; while being nestled among cushions in neutral shades

The Beauty of Autumn

The beauty of autumn is incomparable, be it the bare branches, the carpet of colourful leaves, or the chill in the air. When styling your sofa, the rugs and throws take precedence during this time of the season. Warm, heavy throws are just the props for the season for those chilly evenings by the fireplace. Knitted cushions and furry covers are also a great way to compliment the earthy tones of the season. 

You can design your sofa’s colour scheme based on the earthy tones outside your window by popping in a bit of colour along with a bold-toned cushion. You can play with a palette of rusts, browns, and beiges for the perfect autumn feel. 

Add-On tips for Autumn Sofa Styling

  • Artwork with complementary accessories in contrasting colours could add charm to the room
  • Wooden artefacts and artwork are perfect and delicately bring the autumn season vibe to the room
  • If you have a busy cushion pattern, you could opt for a rug in neutral tones

The Unsurpassable Charm of Winter

If you like to design a sofa for different seasons, you know that winter styling can be a lot of fun. A change in seasons gives you a reason to move things around and introduce the flavour of the season in your home.

The name winter conjures images of plaids, sweaters, and wool. One can even use the glitz of metallic colours to ape the white of the snow outside. A furry throw is just the perfect prop to compliment the metallic colours. If metallic seems too bright for you, you can go for an aqua palette to match the blue skies outside.

Add-On tips for Winter Sofa Styling

  • Hunt for items such as dry arrangements or flowers to enhance the seasonal theme
  • Heavy fabrics that have ample texture also works well with the winter theme 
  • Logs in a basket may also give your room a finishing touch in your sofa styling

Restyling your sofas could just be the perfect thing that you need to give a positive spin to your life. The exuberant colours and décor will put you in the right mood for the season ahead. You will know it’s all been worth it when you are enjoying a glass of wine in your new setting. Can things get better than this? Check out HomeLane’s website for more such sofa styling and design inspirations.