Small Apartment for Single Living is Transformed into a Cheerful Family Home


The most precious resource in big cities across the globe is undoubtedly space and in a bustling metropolitan like Singapore, it is even harder to come by. Every inch here matters dearly and the series of Housing Development Board (HDB) Flats are traditionally known to be congested spaces with poor planning – apartments that offer the bare minimum. Of course, that seems to be changing these days with new owners of these old flats turning to innovative solutions for a more cheerful and visually spacious home. The Bukit Merah Apartment is one such home that was carefully and cleverly renovated by MONOCOT, bringing together the best of the old and the new.

Balcony becomes a natural extension of the living area when the glass doors are open
Balcony becomes a natural extension of the living area when the glass doors are open

The original 3-room apartment was built in the 1960s and with many internal partitions, the interior was both dark and cluttered. The existing partitions were moved and a few completely removed to fashion the new, open plan living area along with a narrow kitchen and dining space next to it. Some of the older features like the terrazzo floor and the blue tiles in the kitchen were preserved and enhanced. A new sliding glass door now connects the living space with the balcony outside and allows the homeowners to shift between a sense of openness and privacy with ease.

Small sectional and modern decor keep the living room understated and cheerful
Bespoke cabinetry, blue wall tiles and Terrazzo flooring preserve some of the original traits of the apartment
Blue and white walls give the apartment a glowing, relaxing appeal
Blue tiles for the kitchen backdrop help extend the color scheme of the living area and dining room
Custom shelves, minimal decor and sliding glass doors bring a sense of visual openness to the apartment

A brilliant collection of tropical plants, a series of custom wooden shelves and cabinets all around the house, beautiful white and blue walls everywhere and smart modern décor put the final touches on this rejuvenated small apartment. [Photography: Studio Periphery]

Kitchen with custom wooden cabinetry, blue-tiled backsplash and a space-savvy design
Natural light coupled with fabulous pendants illuminates the dining area beautifully
Open plan living area, kitchen and dining space of the space-savvy renovated apartment in Singapore
Series of tropical pants and sliding glass doors create a refreshing private balcony
Floor plan of the Bukit Merah Apartment by MONOCOT after its modern renovation

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