Pick Your Perfect Front Door Color with Feng Shui

Get Noticed with Red Front Door Color


The front door is the first thing that people see when they come to your home. It’s the main portal for people and air to enter your home. It’s called the mouth of qi or universal life force energy in Feng Shui.

If you have a boring, old-looking front door, it can make visitors feel uncomfortable and unwelcome in your home. The front door can greatly influence your health as well. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on a new front door or replace the existing one with an expensive designer model.

Instead, repainting your house’s front entranceway with Feng Shui colors will do wonders for how welcoming it feels. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that offers guidelines on how to live in harmony with nature. Pay close attention to colors that will work well with the exterior of your home, plus what direction is your front door facing. Here are some of the best colors to choose from.

Get Noticed with Red Front Door Color

According to Feng Shui, the most powerful and most auspicious color you can use for your front door is red. Red Feng shui front door colors will help create a certain vibrancy around your home and make it stand out from similar-looking homes. It’s also the color of fire, which will attract prosperity and success.

Get Noticed with Red Front Door Color
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Red also protects and transforms negative energy. If you have a south-facing front door, then paint red to make it visible from the streets and attract good energy and opportunities. This color is related to the Li family according to the Feng Shui Energy Map.

A Humble and Solid Black Color Front Door

This Feng Shui front door color is the best color to use on your portico or entrance hall if you have a north-facing entrance door. The Feng Shui element here is the water element, which symbolizes depth and wisdom. Black also helps enhance power and authority, so this color is perfect if you’re looking to increase any of these qualities in your life.

This is a very good Feng Shui for three compass directions that love the water element, i.e, north, southeast, and east. Black can also be a supportive color for building friendships and relationships.

Consider a Happy and Vibrant Blue Color Front Door Feng Shui

If the front door of your home happens to be west-facing or north-facing, then consider this Feng Shui front door color. The Feng Shui element here is the wood element, representing wisdom and knowledge. Feng Shui blue color also relates to good fortune, making it an excellent choice if you’re looking for it to enter your life. Blue is also considered a good Feng Shui color for your door.

Consider a Happy and Vibrant Blue Color Front Door Feng Shui
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Brighten Up Your Front Door with Yellow Feng Shui

If your front door is south-facing or east-facing, then a yellow color would be a great choice. Yellow represents the fire element which brings warmth and happiness to a home. It also symbolizes intelligence and balance, so if you’re looking for these qualities in your life, consider painting your front door yellow. It’s one of the Feng Shui front door colors that support grounding and stability.

Bring Joy with White Feng Shui Front Door Color

A white or off-white front door Feng Shui color is a good choice if your front door faces toward the north, northwest, west, or southwest. This represents the metal element in Feng Shui, which represents cleanliness and purity. Paint your front door with white to invite metal element qualities such as joy, communication, and precision.

Bring Joy with White Feng Shui Front Door Color
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Stabilize Your Home with Earthy Browns Front Door Color

Brown door color is a good match for homes with a north-facing front door. Brown and other neutral earthy colors are connected to the earth element and are used to balance, stabilize and nurture inhabitants in your home. Brown represents stability in Feng Shui, so painting your front door brown will bring these same qualities to your life. Brown helps to support your home’s balance, nurture you and your family, plus stabilize your home.

Paint Your Front Door Green to Improve Growth and Abundance

Green is a great color for a front door as it enhances the wood element. This Feng Shui element represents growth and prosperity, so painting your front door green will help to increase these qualities within your life. Painting your door this color will also stimulate money-making opportunities, bring love into your home and encourage abundance in all areas of your life.

Gray for Helpful People and Helpful Situations

 According to Feng Shui, gray is the color that attracts helpful people and helpful situations into your life. Gray gives you a feeling of well-being and safety, especially if you suffer from depression.

Gray for Helpful People and Helpful Situations
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 Painting your front door grey will attract advisers, mentors, and guides who are supportive in preventing financial mistakes. This repetitive frequency will create an energy of security within your home and encourage you to proceed with your decisions without feeling apprehensive.

A Charming Front Door in a Fresh Turquoise Blue Color

When your front door is painted turquoise blue, you will find that this brings with it an energy of spontaneity and fun that encourages new beginnings. This color can be very intuitive, creating peace and harmony in your life, so you keep calm even when things around you are not. It’s playful and innocent front door color with excellent Feng Shui energy for a north-facing door.

The Sweet and Inviting Blue-Green Color Front Door

The best choice is a soft blue-green front door color when you want to encourage serenity, peace, and harmony in your persona. This color will open up opportunities while still maintaining serenity in an otherwise fast-paced world.

FAQs on Feng Shui Front Door Colors

How do you choose Feng Shui front door colors?

Use the compass direction or compass app to choose the front door color Feng Shui. The direction of the front door is the starting point for Feng Shui color selection. Find out the direction of the door, then look for the corresponding colors and elements. Also, pay attention to the exterior details that you can’t change.

Final Thought on How to Pick Your Perfect Front Color with Feng Shui

There you go! A fun and simple way to attract and bring positive energy is to repaint your home with these Feng Shui front door colors. These Feng Shui door colors will also help boost your home’s curb appeal. It’s the best home improvement project you can ever carry out.



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