Package Delivery Drop Box

diy outdoor package box

Designed and built by Family DIYnamic


How this Project was Built

diy outdoor package box

First, two frames are built using 2x2s. Cedar fence pickets are nailed or stapled to the insides of the frames.

diy outdoor package box    diy outdoor package box

Then 2x2s are added to the frame for the sides, and cedar fence pickets added to the insides of the sides.

diy outdoor package box

A bottom frame is added.

diy outdoor package box

A plywood lid is attached to the top.

diy outdoor package box


Plan Notes

  • The hardest part of this project was the plywood top, as it is heavy.  It could be split into two pieces to decrease the weight.
  • The top can be waterproofed with a sealant or even roofing materials, but this could make it even heavier.
  • Cedar fence pickets can be added to the floor of the package drop box if desired.
  • If the package box is not in a covered location, place so it slopes to one side to allow for water drainage off the top.