Most Popular Living Room Accent Pillows Ideas: From Glitz to Prints!



There are a few design enthusiasts out there who are happy to spend both the time and the effort it takes to redo their living room every couple of seasons. The transition from summer to fall is one such time with warmer months giving way to colder days and at times, freezing nights! Of course, not all of us have the time or the resources to spare for a gorgeous winter makeover of the living room. And this is where smart accents come in mighty handy. With a global pandemic throwing a spanner in our daily lives for nearly two years now, there is a dash of gloom still lingering around that homeowners want to desperately get rid of. That these two reasons have made accent pillows a chart-topping trend this year!

Eclectic collection of throw pillows brings together different colors and patterns
Eclectic collection of throw pillows brings together different colors and patterns [From: Elaine Griffin Interiors]

Of course, accent pillows have been seemingly ‘always popular’ and we generally tend to use them as bit of a copout when it comes to switching between seasonal hues in both the living room and bedroom. But summer of 2021 has seen a much greater interest than usual in accent pillow and that trend is bound to sweep over homes through fall and winter as well. This huge surge in interest is centered around three specific accent pillow styles which we wish to share with you. From the dazzling to the calming, these accent pillows are perfect for pretty much every living room.

Metallic Dazzle for Fall

Fall is here and winter is not far off. It is a time for beautiful orange and yellow shades outdoors transitioning into white down the line. It is also a time for some of the best parties that you will have in the year! That makes metallic accent pillows a great choice for the modern living space in neutral hues. They add a golden glint to the room and do so with a bit of pattern as well. Of course, you could also pick pillows in cooler, silver finishes. But we do suggest you embrace accent pillow in warmer, golden tint as you add that ‘something sparkling’ to the living room without going overboard.

Polished living room with luxurious gold throw pillows that make a bold visual statement [From: Summer Thornton Design]
Find a metallic accent pillow with just the right look for your living room
Accent pillows with a golden glint asily grab your attention
Beautiful metallic patterned pillows make an instant statement in any room they adorn

Nature-Centric Motifs

We understand that spring might be a distant memory for some of our readers already, but rest assured that nature-inspired prints are here to stay for a while now. Whether it is leafy motifs on your accent pillows, flowery patterns that add a bust of vivacious colors or even coastal-themed designs that include conch shells, star fishes and more; everything is absolutely welcome in the living room. More than the season, it is the style of the room that will determine your choice here. Pick a print you love and let the accent pillows become the focal point of your modern living room.

Autumn Maple Leaf throw pillows are a great way to get the living room ready for fall [From: aliexpress]
Find the perfect combination of accent pillows by trying out different patterns and hues
Accent pillows with floral prints are a hot trend even in fall and winter this year [From: Tamar Schechner / Nest Pretty Things]
Throw pillows that are just perfect for the coastal living room [From: Wabisabi Green]

Bold Colors Come to the Fore

Each year, it is light blue and mellow yellow accent pillows that end up becoming the most popular options in the living room. But 2021 is definitely different with deep blue, bold red, bright orange, navy and dark green accent pillows taking over this mantle. In fact, now is a great time to try out jewel-toned colors and hues like fuchsia and deep violet without worrying about things feeling far too brash. Brightly colored accent pillows are the way to go in the next few months and you can even mix them up with your regular more understated accent pillows for the best of both worlds.

Find bold and brilliant accent pillows that breathe life into the living room
Ingenious and classy way of adding color to the living room with accent pillows of different pattern
Jewel-toned accent pillows are back in trend in 2021 [From: Claire CAHUZAC]
Mixing and matching accent pillows in different bold colors is a popular choice in modern homes [From: Leslie Arnold Architecture]

So, which accent pillows would you prefer for your living space?

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