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When it comes to home improvement and customization, custom kitchen cabinet options are becoming more popular with homeowners. The kitchen is where many families gather to prepare their meals, and a customized cabinet can be a focal point in a room. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to create an entirely new look within the kitchen by including custom cabinetry within the existing cabinets. Kitchen storage isn’t just about saving space; some of the most functional cabinets include those that are specially designed to hold select kitchen appliances and countertops.

Read on to discover what these storage units are and see how they can help you with your home decor.

Kitchen Storage Ideas

Are you looking for some great kitchen storage ideas to help organise your kitchen? One of the easiest ways to clear out the clutter in your kitchen and make it more efficient is to use cabinets. And the best thing about cabinets is that they can be custom-designed to suit your kitchen!

Don’t you hate it when you have to move a whole load of things just to get one thing? Now you can avoid this particular problem with these great little storage units!

There are plenty of alternatives to traditional kitchen storage units that can work equally well with your home interiors. They also ensure that all your things are neatly stashed away where they belong.

Kitchen Organization Ideas

Organizing your kitchen will allow you to work more effectively and efficiently in the kitchen. And wasted space in kitchen cupboards can make it hard for you to get around your kitchen. Once you start using kitchen cabinet organizers, you will soon notice an improvement in the efficiency of your kitchen, accentuating your home interiors, like –

modular kitchen drawers

A mixture of wood and aluminium kitchen cabinets look very stylish.

  • Plastic and metal cabinets are beautiful, and they are easier to clean.
  • Consider the amount of space while purchasing kitchen storage cabinets.

 Wicker baskets

Wicker baskets for storage in the kitchen are not only practical. They are chic-looking.

They are usually made of woven strong materials like twine, metal, and rope, making them strong and durable. There are many more types of wicker baskets for storage in the kitchen, determining the basket and usage size. And you can –

  • Store potpourri, spices, specialty items, and anything else you think might be useful.
  • Make the most of your kitchen space and keep your home looking well-organized and appealing.
  • Place a wicker basket inside a kitchen cabinet as you keep cutleries from getting nicked by sharp utensils.
  • Place it beside the dishwasher so that dishes can be kept right in the basket, after washing without contaminating other room surfaces.

wicker basket drawers

 Pull-out Baskets

Pull-out baskets can be used to store small items in the kitchen. Instead of cluttering your cupboards and drawers, these baskets can give you extra cabinet space. For instance –

  • They can be stored under your countertop or next to your stove.
  • These utility-oriented baskets are an excellent way to keep cutlery and other items out of sight while still keeping them accessible.
  • If you have an island countertop, this is a great place to put a basket.
  • Many baskets have pull-out compartments that are designed to hold items like canned goods.

pull out baskets

 Under-sink Storage

When you have food and dishes and pots and pans and utensils all over the place, it makes it difficult to find a place to put everything! If you use under-counter storage units, it can take care of that problem.

  • Under-sink storage units are incredibly convenient and space-saving.
  • Under-sink storage units come in all colours, shapes and sizes, suitable for items of varied sizes.

under sink storage ideas


Lofts in the kitchen are the perfect addition to any home. It is an investment with a significant return on your part; not only do you get an excellent place for your kitchen, but you also get to make the most out of your living space. You should keep in mind certain aspects related to the same, like –

  • The loft must have enough room to move around.
  • Most units also come with a locking mechanism.
  • The type of shelving largely depends upon the storage space you require.

Larder Units

Larder units store many different types of items in an organised and space-saving manner. It is ideal for those who use lots of appliances or small amounts of food and produce. They also offer several different options when it comes to design and functionality.

  • The ideal choice is usually one that can fit-in house appliances and larger kitchen items.
  • Larder units come equipped with their canisters and drawers.
  • You should place most of your food supplies on the unit’s lower levels and use the upper levels to store small knick-knacks.

Corner Units

Corner units can add much-needed storage and countertop area to a small kitchen. They are usually smaller than most cabinets and are perfect for those on a tight budget. For instance,

  • Corner units are perfect for storage of small bottles and jars.
  • These kitchen storage units can be custom built to fit your home interiors.
  • Most durable storage units are made from wood, usually particleboard covered in a laminate veneer.
  • Metal and glass storage units provide better storage space than the standard units. They are usually taller, allowing you to get more counter space.

corner units

Open Shelves

One of the easiest most comfortable accessories to install is the ‘easy’ open shelves. These types of kitchen cabinets are the ultimate in kitchen accessories. Installing open shelves in the kitchen for storage will help you hold storage in a minimalistic space.

  • Many people use these in conjunction with a dish rack.
  • You can use them to add a decorative touch to your countertop.
  • You can have the shelves installed, hanging from the ceiling on rollers or you can have them standing free on the floor.
  • It is an effortless way to get extra storage for your drinks and snacks for a bar area in your kitchen.

open shelves

With an assortment of everyday activities, the kitchen is one of the essential rooms in your heavenly abode. And it points out that catering for storage capacity is a significant issue! There is an easy solution to your storage woes by purchasing a kitchen cabinet.

Think of whether you want cabinet storage in your kitchen with a modern taste or more of a classic feel for your home decor, and Homelane is the ultimate one-stop place to help you connote a new sense to your home interiors!