How To Keep Mice Out Of Your House



Mice are very resourceful animals. They can chew through anything, including plastic and metal to get to the food inside your house. The best way to prevent this is by using repellents, traps, airtight containers with lids on them for storing garbage, and sealing off any cracks or holes which might allow rodents access to your house.

In this article, we’re going to look at the top seven ways you can keep mice out of your house. Here’s all you need to know. 

Top Ways To Keep Mice Out Of Your House

1. Use peppermint oil, thyme, cayenne pepper, and rosemary

Mice have a keen sense of smell and can detect food from a long way away. The answer to this is to use pet-safe repellents such as peppermint oil, thyme, cayenne pepper, and rosemary to make areas where mice might be a hazard for them.

2. Place mouse traps in areas where you see mice or evidence of their presence

Using traps is the easiest way to eliminate mice because it’s hands-free; all you need to do is sit back and wait for the mouse to be caught. Place mouse traps in areas where you see mice or evidence of their presence, like droppings or urine trails. Mousetraps don’t require any special training so anyone can use them. The best thing about traps is that they don’t require any poison or bait. You can also use multiple traps together for faster results.

3. Store your garbage in airtight containers with lids

Mice love to chew through bags and other plastic containers, so it’s best to put your garbage in airtight containers with lids. Moreover, make sure you empty your trash bins regularly to prevent odors of rotting food. The best time to do this is after dark because mice are more active at night.

How to keep mice out of your house
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4. Seal off any cracks or holes that might allow rodents access to your house

Mice can fit through very small spaces, so make sure you seal off any cracks or holes that might allow rodents access to your house. Mice also love to live in small spaces to hide their food and offspring, so it’s best to make your house as open as possible by cleaning up clutter or anything that might accumulate dust. 

5. Clean up spilled food on the floor immediately after it happens

Mice can detect food from a great distance away because of their keen sense of smell. Clean up spilled food on the floor immediately after it happens, even if you think no one noticed. By removing the food, you’ll prevent them from coming out and finding it.

6. Keep all pantry items out of reach for pets and children so they don’t attract mice

Mice love to eat anything including cereals and dry goods and also leave droppings in these places. Keep all your pantry items up high where no pets and children can reach them, or you can even store them in airtight containers with lids. Putting mothballs around the pantry area won’t hurt either because mice hate the smell.

7. Keep your house well-lit to prevent mice from nesting inside

Mice love places where they feel safe and hidden, so make sure to keep your house well-lit. If you leave all the lights on, mice won’t feel safe staying in their nesting places; they’ll exit and go somewhere else.

What if the above doesn’t work?

If the above ways don’t work, there are some other things you can try. First of all, make sure your house is clean and free from clutter by sweeping up rare spaces. If that doesn’t work, then you can try using snap traps or live catch traps to catch them alive.

The best way to keep mice out of your house is to combine different methods for maximum results. Follow these tips closely and you’ll have no problem getting rid of them once and for all.

How do you keep cockroaches out of your house?

Just like mice, cockroaches are always looking for a place to call home. Whether it be your kitchen, your car, or even your garden shed they will always find their way there if given the chance. Of all the places to get rid of cockroaches, your kitchen is by far the most important room in the house. 

Getting rid of roaches in kitchens can be done through a range of techniques, from applying insecticides under sinks and cupboards to placing poison baits in out-of-sight areas behind appliances.

The best way to keep cockroaches away for good, however, is to improve general hygiene around your kitchen. Seal up any cracks or holes you notice with silicone sealant so that they can’t enter your home. This will prevent them from being able to find their way into your food storage area, making it much harder for them to contaminate anything inside. Fixing leaks underneath sinks will also go a long way in preventing cockroaches from being able to get close to your food.

Does cleaning and sanitizing couches help with keeping mice out of your house?

Cleaning and sanitizing couches simply isn’t enough. Even if you manage to wipe out any stains left by mice this doesn’t stop them from returning in the future.

The only way to get rid of mice is by using poison outside of your home. By effectively getting rid of all food sources for them, they will eventually give up and leave your house alone. You must be sure, however, to place the poison in areas where pets or children can’t access it- poisoning animals will result in a hefty fine.

What are the best ways to keep ants away?

Ants are often more than just an annoyance; they will come in droves to carry away the sugar that has spilled on countertops or floors which can lead to some potentially dangerous situations.

There are some very simple solutions to keeping ants away. The first of which is to ensure that all food sources are stored away properly; this will prevent them from being able to contaminate or nibble on anything. The next step is to wash down your countertops with diluted bleach every morning before you start cooking for the day- not only will this kill lingering pests but it will also leave your kitchen smelling fresh.

By placing traps around the perimeter of your home you can effectively limit their range and stop them from entering certain rooms where they could potentially contaminate food sources.

What are some general precautions I should take against mice infestation?

The number one thing you can do is to keep all food items in sealed containers like jars or tins instead of leaving them in open packets or even packets with holes in them. This is especially important for items like cereal, pasta, chips, and rice which give off a strong smell that mice are extremely sensitive to.

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As mentioned above you can also place poisons outside of your home to attract any mice that are lingering around looking for food sources. If there are just too many, however- it might be time to call an exterminator.

What things can I do with boric acid?

Boric acid helps kill both cockroaches and spiders when used inside of your house. There are two types of boric acid-based pesticides available on the market today; with one being designed specifically for killing cockroaches while the other is designed for spiders. The former tends to be more common, however, as it is often considered to be the stronger of the two.

If you don’t have access to pesticide products containing boric acid, you can make your concoction instead. Mix sugar with boric acid and place it in areas where cockroaches are usually found hiding before bedtime. Cockroaches will consume the poison overnight while they are feeding- resulting in them dying within one week.

This same mixture can be used to kill spiders inside your house if you apply it directly into their webs or any other small crevices that they might use for shelter. 

While boric acid is perfectly safe to handle when dry, it should never be consumed by humans or pets- even just a little bit is enough to cause serious problems.

What can I do if my house is being overtaken by ants?

There are a few different ways that you can approach your ant problem, but the most important way to deal with them is to ensure that all food sources- especially those with a sweet smell- are kept away. You should also thoroughly clean your countertops daily and try washing down any exposed floors with diluted bleach at least once per week.

If all else fails then it might just be time to call an exterminator as they will be able to set up traps around the exterior of your home which will get rid of the ants before they ever have a chance to get inside.

Final thoughts on how to keep mice out of your house

Mice carry and transmit diseases, meaning that they can pose a threat to your family’s health. It is important, therefore, to keep mice away from your house to protect the health of your family.

By keeping the information in this article close at hand, you should have no trouble keeping mice out of your house.

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