How to Fix an Amana Ice Maker Not Working

How to Fix an Amana Ice Maker Not Working


Amana ice makers are designed to provide convenience and efficiency in your daily life, but what happens when your Amana ice maker not working? Don’t let a malfunctioning ice maker ruin your day! In this blog post, we will guide you through the troubleshooting process, helping you identify and resolve common issues with your Amana ice maker. Let’s dive in and get your ice maker back on track!

Ice Maker Is Not Working

If you find that your ice maker is not working, there are several potential reasons for this issue. One common problem is a clogged water line, which can prevent water from reaching the ice maker. In such cases, it’s important to check for any obstructions or kinks in the water line and clear them if necessary. Additionally, a malfunctioning water inlet valve could be the culprit, impeding the flow of water to the ice maker. Another possibility is a faulty thermostat, which may not be signaling the ice maker to start the freezing process.

Furthermore, a damaged or worn-out ice maker motor can lead to a lack of ice production. This component is responsible for initiating the ice-making cycle, and if it’s not functioning properly, it will hinder the process.

Key Takeaways

  • Identify and resolve power supply issues with an Amana ice maker to restore functionality.
  • Adjust the water inlet valve, clear any jammed ice from the ejector arm, and replace the filter for optimal performance.
  • Reset your Amana ice maker by consulting user manual/website. Monitor production & assess cube size post reset. Regular cleaning & proper installation recommended.

Identifying the Problem with Your Amana Ice Maker

If your Amana ice maker stops working, it’s beneficial to pinpoint the underlying cause before exploring any potential solutions. Some common issues that may be affecting your ice maker’s performance include power supply disruptions, water supply line malfunctions, and freezer temperature irregularities. Comprehending the root issue allows for a more time-efficient and effective solution search.

But how do you pinpoint the exact issue at hand? The subsequent sections will guide you through the examination of the power supply, water supply line, and freezer temperature settings. This will help in identifying potential issues and providing steps to rectify them.

How to Fix an Amana Ice Maker Not Working

Power Supply Issues

The first thing to check when your Amana ice maker isn’t functioning properly is the power supply. Ensure that the power cord is firmly connected to the outlet, and there are no loose connections or frayed cords. Unplugging the ice maker for a few seconds before plugging it back in can potentially reset the power supply and is worth trying. Additionally, the door switch should also be checked for proper functioning, as it plays a crucial role in the ice maker’s operation.

If you still encounter issues with your ice maker’s power supply, inspect the electrical outlets and circuit breakers to ensure they are operational. In some cases, a simple flip of a breaker switch or replacement of a blown fuse can restore your ice maker’s power supply and have it working again.

Water Supply Line Problems

The water supply line is another crucial component of your Amana ice maker, as it provides the necessary water for ice production. Inspect the water supply line for any kinks, leaks, or blockages that could be affecting the flow of water to your ice maker. Creating some space between the refrigerator and the wall can help prevent a pinched water line, ensuring an uninterrupted water flow. With proper maintenance, ice makers like this one can continue to produce ice efficiently.

A connection between your refrigerator and a reverse-osmosis system might decrease water pressure, which could impair the ice maker’s performance. To ensure your refrigerator is properly connected, you might need to consult a professional plumber or technician to address the issue and optimize your ice maker’s water supply.

Freezer Temperature Settings

The freezer temperature plays a vital role in your Amana ice maker’s performance. If the temperature is set too high, the ice cubes may melt and clump together, leading to inadequate ice production. On the other hand, if the temperature is too low, it can also hinder the ice maker’s functioning. To get the best performance, set your freezer temperature between 0-5 degrees Fahrenheit. This is equal to -17 to -15 degrees Celsius.

Use a thermometer to monitor the freezer temperature and ensure it is within the desired range. If necessary, adjust the temperature settings according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Both the ice maker’s performance and the overall efficiency of your refrigerator depend heavily on maintaining the correct freezer temperature.

Ice Maker Making Ice but Not Dumping

If you find your ice maker making ice but not dumping it into the storage bin, you may be facing a common issue that can be easily resolved. This situation often occurs due to a malfunction in the ice maker’s components. First, check to ensure that the ice maker is not obstructed by any ice cubes or debris, as this can hinder its operation. Next, inspect the ice maker’s motor, thermostat, and water inlet valve for any signs of damage or malfunction. Sometimes, a simple reset or cleaning of these components can solve the problem. If the issue persists, it may be necessary to seek professional assistance or consider replacing the malfunctioning parts.

Resolving Common Amana Ice Maker Issues

Amana ice maker with water inlet valve adjusted and connected properly

With the potential issues of your Amana ice maker identified, it’s now time to address them. Many common problems can be easily fixed with some simple adjustments and maintenance, so don’t be discouraged if your ice maker isn’t working as expected.

The following sections will provide solutions for common Amana ice maker issues, which include adjusting the water inlet valve, clearing ice blockages, and replacing the water filter. Armed with these solutions, you can start restoring your ice maker’s functionality and ensure a consistent supply of ice.

Adjusting the Water Inlet Valve

Ice blockage in the ice maker

The water inlet valve is responsible for supplying water to your ice maker and water dispenser. If it’s not functioning correctly, you might experience issues with your ice production or water flow. To adjust the water inlet valve, first, check the water pressure and adjust the water fill level if your model has a fill adjustment screw. If these steps don’t yield the desired results, consult your Amana refrigerator manual or reach out to customer support for further assistance.

In some cases, the water inlet valve may need to be replaced entirely. If you suspect that your valve is damaged or not working correctly, it’s best to contact a professional technician to diagnose and resolve the issue.

Clearing Ice Blockages

Ice blockage in the freezer

Ice blockages can occur within your ice maker, affecting its performance and resulting in a reduced ice output. To clear any ice blockage, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure the ice maker is turned off and unplugged from the refrigerator.
  2. Using a plastic utensil, gently remove any jammed ice from the ejector arm.
  3. Be cautious not to damage the ice maker components while removing the ice.

After clearing any ice blockages, plug the ice maker back in and monitor its performance. If the ice maker is still not functioning correctly, it may be necessary to seek professional assistance or explore other troubleshooting options.

Replacing the Water Filter

Water dispenser connected to the Amana ice maker

A clogged or improperly installed water filter can impact your ice maker’s performance, leading to low ice production or poor water flow. If you suspect that your water filter is causing issues, it’s essential to replace it with a compatible, certified genuine filter.

To replace the water filter, follow these steps:

  1. Open the filter cover door.
  2. Remove the old filter from the housing.
  3. Insert the new filter, ensuring proper alignment.
  4. Once the new filter is installed, run water through the dispenser for a few minutes to flush out any air or impurities.

This simple maintenance step can greatly improve the performance of your Amana ice maker.

Resetting Your Amana Ice Maker

Amana ice maker with reset button located

If the previously mentioned solutions don’t resolve your ice maker’s issues, it might be time to consider resetting the ice maker. Resetting your Amana ice maker can clear any internal settings or errors and may help restore its functionality. Before performing a reset, ensure you’ve assessed any potential issues such as ice blockages.

In the following subsections, we will guide you through the process of resetting your Amana ice maker. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Locate the reset button on your Amana ice maker.
  2. Press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds.
  3. Release the reset button and wait for the reset process to complete.
  4. Once the reset process is complete, your Amana ice maker should be restored to its normal functioning.

With these steps, you’ll be well on your way to restoring your ice maker’s performance and enjoying your favorite cold beverages once again.

Locating the Reset Button

Reset button of the Amana ice maker pressed

The reset button on your Amana ice maker is typically positioned at the bottom of the left side of the ice maker. If you’re unsure about the exact location of the reset button on your specific model, consult your user manual or the Amana website for assistance.

Performing the Reset

Reset process of the Amana ice maker in progress

To perform a reset on your Amana ice maker, simply press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds. This should initiate the reset process and clear any internal settings or errors that may be affecting your ice maker’s performance.

Waiting for the Reset Process

Once you’ve initiated the reset process, it may take a few minutes for your Amana ice maker to complete the reset. During this time, you may hear buzzing, creaking, and clicking sounds, which are normal and indicate that the reset process is taking place.

After the reset process is complete, give your ice maker some time to resume normal operation. If the ice maker is still not functioning correctly, it may be necessary to seek professional assistance or explore alternative troubleshooting options.

Testing Your Amana Ice Maker After Reset

Having reset your Amana ice maker, you should test its functionality to confirm the success of the reset. In the following subsections, we will discuss how to verify the water supply, monitor ice production, and assess ice cube size after resetting your ice maker.

Through careful testing and monitoring of your ice maker’s performance, you can judge the effectiveness of the reset and work towards a fully functioning ice maker.

Verifying Water Supply

First, confirm that your ice maker’s water supply is functioning properly. Ensure the water supply line is securely connected and not obstructed or impaired. Additionally, check the water filter for any indicators of obstruction or damage. If the filter is clogged or damaged, replace it accordingly.

Run water through the dispenser for a few minutes to flush out any air or sediment that may have accumulated in the pipes. This should help verify that your ice maker’s water supply is functioning correctly after the reset.

Monitoring Ice Production

After verifying the water supply, it’s crucial to monitor your ice maker’s ice production to ensure the reset was successful. Over the next 24 hours, perform a cube count test every hour. During regular operation, your Amana ice maker should produce between 56 to 72 cubes per day.

If your ice maker is still not producing the expected amount of ice after the reset, it may be necessary to seek professional assistance or explore additional troubleshooting options.

Assessing Ice Cube Size

Lastly, inspect the size of the ice cubes produced by your Amana ice maker after the reset. If the small ice cubes are smaller than usual, it could indicate an issue with the water supply or freezer temperature.

Adjust the freezer temperature if necessary, ensuring it’s set between 0-5 degrees Fahrenheit (-17 to -15 degrees Celsius) for optimal ice production. By assessing the ice cube size and making any necessary adjustments, you can help guarantee the proper functioning of your ice maker after the reset.

Electrolux Ice Maker Not Working

If you’ve encountered issues with your Electrolux ice maker, it’s essential to address the problem promptly. An Electrolux ice maker not working can be frustrating, but there are several common reasons for this issue. Start by checking the water supply and ensuring that the unit is properly connected to power. Also, examine the ice maker’s settings and make sure they are adjusted correctly. If you continue to experience problems, it may be necessary to inspect the ice maker’s components or seek professional assistance. Don’t let a malfunctioning ice maker disrupt your access to ice; troubleshooting the issue can often lead to a swift resolution.

Amana Ice Maker Maintenance Tips

Having successfully troubleshooted and reset your Amana ice maker, maintaining it properly becomes imperative to prevent future issues. Regular maintenance and cleaning can enhance the efficiency of your ice maker, extend its lifespan, and avert potential problems.

The subsequent sections will offer essential maintenance tips for your Amana ice maker, covering regular cleaning, proper installation, and appropriate storage. Adhering to these tips will help maintain your ice maker in top condition, ensuring a reliable ice supply whenever you require it.

Regular Cleaning

Clean your Amana ice maker at least twice a year to prevent buildup and ensure optimal performance. If your water is hard, consider cleaning it more frequently to prevent hard water deposits. Use a warm, damp cloth and a dry cloth for effective cleaning.

Maytag recommends the following steps for cleaning your ice machine:

  1. Use Affresh ice machine cleaner to remove hard water and mineral buildup.
  2. Use a soft-bristle toothbrush or a baking soda and water paste for effective cleaning.
  3. After cleaning, rinse the ice bin with clean water.
  4. Sanitize the ice maker with vinegar or a light bleach solution.

Proper Installation

Ensure proper installation of your Amana ice maker and its components, including the water filter and supply line. Incorrect installation can lead to issues with ice production and water flow. Consult your refrigerator manual or Amana customer support for assistance with proper installation procedures.

Regularly inspect the water inlet valve for any signs of damage or corrosion and replace it if necessary. Additionally, regularly check the water supply line for any kinks, leaks, or blockages that could affect the flow of water to your ice maker.

Storing the Refrigerator

Store your refrigerator in a suitable location, following these guidelines:

  • Avoid extreme temperatures and ensure adequate ventilation.
  • Maintain a 1/2 inch (1.25 cm) gap on all sides and at the top.
  • Maintain a clearance of 1 inch (2.54 cm) between the top of the refrigerator and any overhead cabinets.

Proper storage and ventilation can prevent the following issues with your refrigerator:

  • Blocked vents
  • Decreased airflow
  • Temperature and moisture irregularities
  • Food freezing in the refrigerator
  • Excessive frost or condensation

By storing your refrigerator correctly, you can optimize its performance and prolong its lifespan.


In conclusion, troubleshooting and maintaining your Amana ice maker can be a simple and effective way to ensure its optimal performance. By identifying common issues, implementing solutions, and resetting the ice maker when necessary, you can restore your ice maker’s functionality and enjoy an uninterrupted supply of ice. Regular maintenance and proper storage can further extend the lifespan of your ice maker and enhance its efficiency. Follow these steps and keep your Amana ice maker in top shape, so you can continue to enjoy refreshing, ice-cold beverages whenever you desire.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Amana refrigerator not making ice cubes?

It appears that the most likely causes of your Amana refrigerator not making ice cubes are a kink in the line which reduces water flow, an insufficiently pressurized water inlet valve, incorrect settings, or a misaligned ice storage bin. Ensure these elements are properly connected and adjusted to restore the appliance’s ice production capabilities.

How do I get my Amana refrigerator ice maker to work?

To get your Amana refrigerator ice maker to work, simply lift open the ice maker door and lower the wire shutoff arm. To turn it off, lift the wire shutoff arm.

Why would my ice maker suddenly stopped making ice?

It is likely that your ice maker has stopped working due to a blockage in the water line, such as ice build-up, frozen water, or a clogged water filter. To fix this issue, check for blockages, change the water filter if necessary, and ensure that the freezer temperature is correct and the water inlet valve is functioning properly.

How do I reset my ice maker?

Unplug your ice maker and wait 10 seconds, then plug it back in and press the ON button. This will reset your ice maker and you’ll see a blue light to confirm.

How often should I clean my Amana ice maker?

Clean your Amana ice maker at least twice annually, and more often if your water is hard.

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