How to Choose Perfect Window Treatment for Your Bedroom


When you’re doing up your bedroom design, the window treatment plays a very important role. The fabrics and styles you choose will tie up all the elements of the décor together in a beautifully cohesive manner, or they can make it look pretty bad! Here’s a collection of our best ideas that will help you to find the right window treatment ideas for your bedroom.

1. Fabric Style for Window Curtain 

Are you looking for a light and airy fabric or heavy drapes in luxurious silks or velvet material? The style of the fabric must suit the décor that you are planning. If you are going for a contemporary theme, breezy sheer fabrics in soft prints of your choosing; floral prints, stripes or lightly patterned themes will work well. If your bedroom theme leans toward a classical style or has heavy ornamentation, then heavy drapes with thicker fabrics will complement the décor.

fabric style

2. Sunlight Through The Windows

Do you like to be woken up to sunlight streaming through the windows? If you do, then sheer curtains that let the sunshine it will be a perfect choice. If you’re not an early morning person, we recommend black-out blinds that will allow you to have your morning snooze in peace!

3. Colour Palette 

window treatment colours combination

Bedrooms are meant to be peaceful and tranquil spaces where you can relax and rest at the end of a stressful day. Blues, greens and pale shades of any other colour can contribute to a restful colour palette. Match the fabric used for your bed linen with what you use for your window dressing. Then you can tie the hues together with a paler shade of the predominant colour on the walls and floors. If you are using two or more colours, make sure they complement each other and do not clash.

4. Style Of Window Dressing

When it comes to styles of window treatment, there are a great many routes to take. Roman blinds are chic and contemporary. They are becoming increasingly popular, as they blend functionality with aesthetics. In this bedroom for a young boy, the same fabric for the Roman blinds are used or the pillows. With the single bed pulled right up next to the window, an effortlessly coordinated look is created.

window dressing window treatment

5. Beautiful Wooden Blinds

Wooden blinds for privacy can be combined with soft flowy day curtains for a beautiful look. This calm, restful nursery doused in shades of grey and pale pink makes the best use of this combination. 

wooden blinds for bedroom

6. Horizontal Window Blinds

Horizontal blinds in colours that go well with the bedroom design palette look very stylish indeed. It also lets in soft, filtered light which looks beautiful in a bedroom.

horizontal blinds in bedroom

7. Bedroom Roller Blinds

Roller blinds can be used as solar shades that limit the light streaming in without completely blocking the view.

roller blinds

8. Window Treatment with Ethnic Bamboo Blinds

If you have an ethnic Indian interior, then slatted and woven bamboo blinds will perfectly complement your bedroom design.

bamboo blinds for window treatments

9. Floor To Ceiling Drapes

Floor to ceiling drapes in flowing fabric, with pleated panels or eyelets that pass through the drapery rods, add style and elegance to any bedroom. You can have a double row of curtains— one set of sheer curtains for use in the daytime to allow light, and the other for your night-time privacy.

double row curtain in bedroom

10. Pretty Pastel Pink Drapes

Bold and colourful prints or solid coloured drapes in your child’s favourite colours can be used for your child’s bedroom. Here’s a pretty room with pastel pink drapes that would look great in your little princess’s room.

solid colored drapes in kids bedroom

11. Untreated window treatment

If you have the luxury of a bedroom window at a higher level, like in a penthouse or a villa, then you have complete privacy and can do away with any window dressing altogether! 

Take a look at this bedroom. It makes a bold statement with its tall ceiling and large open windows, letting you look at the sky the moment you wake up.

bedroom window treatments

12. The Ultimate In Elegance- White On White!

These all-white bedrooms are proof that a completely toned down palette can look gorgeous with subtle layers of texture and tone. The detailed finishes add contrast and depth in the simple bedroom design. Note the pretty textured rug and the light-as-air blinds on the windows.


window treatment ideasAre you looking for bespoke ideas about the bedroom window treatment? Our interior design team can hand-hold you through the process of picking all the right fabrics and finishes for the loveliest bedrooms ever!