Gray and Black Indulgence: Indulgent Bachelor Pad in Kiev


The design rules for most modern homes and those for a bachelor pad often see to be at odds with one another. And the most obvious of differences comes in the form of the colors used for the backdrop in each of these spaces. In modern family homes, it is often light, neutral colors like white, light gray, brown and beige that set the mood both in public and private spaces. In the bachelor pad, it is black, deep grays and other darker hues that make a grand statement. And this seems to be the case inside the gorgeous ‘For Gentleman Only’ apartment in Kiev that feels both sophisticated and relaxing.

Exposed brick wall in the backdrop along with the views makes for an impressive and charming apartment interior
Exposed brick wall in the backdrop along with the views makes for an impressive and charming apartment interior

Designed by Alta Idea Design Studio, the apartment strikes the perfect balance between masculinity, inviting ambiance, refined elegance and a touch of luxurious panache. The balance of elements from a visual perspective is just captivating as dark ceiling and floors combine with deep gray walls, exposed brick accent features and minimal modern décor to shape the setting. It is the presence of indoor plants and beautiful wall art pieces that adds bright color to an otherwise contemplative space that is edgy and engaging.

Wooden floors add a sense of warmth to an apartment clad in gray and black with decor in matching hues
Gorgeous shades of gray including graphite and black shape this polished apartment in Kiev
Modern industrial kitchen of the Kiev apartment with dark finishes and lovely pendants above the island
Custom headboard tufted wall, copper bedside pendants and a wonderful wardrobe for the bachelor bedroom
Small floating desk in the bedroom that can multitask with ease
Turning the niche in the bedroom into a functional wardrobe that serves you well

For some reason, interiors in dark colors appear much less often than in light ones. And, by the way, that’s a big mistake. Psychologists have proven that shades of black have a positive effect on the psyche, and it is much easier to relax and have rest in this interior. For those who have no prejudices on the matter, the most enveloping and unique interiors are created…

Modern closet for a bachelor bedroom with lovely lighting and smart organization
Unique concrete sink in the bathroom makes a wonderful visual statement in the dark setting
Dark and dashing bathroom is just captivating and beats the usual bathrooms in light hues
Luxurious bathroom of Kiev Apartment in stone
Modern bathroom in black with gorgeous LED lighting and fabulous mirrors

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