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This is a fun simple project with big impact! I love the mix of wood and metal.

Oh did I mention it only took 2 hours from start to finish, one board, one stick of “angle aluminum” and some screws!

Well, it actually goes finish first on this one!  The first step was to cut down my 2 x 12 into 3 pieces at 31 1/2” (so I could get three shelves out of one 8 foot long board). I gave them a good sanding and stained them.

I used Carrington by RustOleum – it’s got a slight reddish tint, very pretty!

Now for the aluminum angle.  You can find it at most any hardware store, and it’s pretty inexpensive –

Aluminum angle comes in precut sizes, but mine were 48″ in length, so I decided to cut them in half.  

The best way I’ve found to cut aluminum angle is with a jigsaw with a metal blade.

Just clamp the aluminum angle down,

And it cuts like butter!

Even easier than cutting wood!

Then it was time add the aluminum angle to the boards.

 I set my 3 boards on their side on a couple sawhorses, set the first aluminum piece flush with the top and bottom board. 

Then I predrilled through just the aluminum where I wanted to place my self tapping screws, 

One on each side of the angle piece. 

I did the top board first and then the bottom.  I measured and marked the middle of the angle piece and set the center of the middle 2 x 12 board and did the same, predrilled and sunk my self tapping screws.

I did the same for all four sides. Almost done.

Then I just needed to add these sweet casters! I used 1 1/4” self tapping screws here.

I flipped it up and stood back to admire. 

AMAZING! It’s really is amazing what 2 hours and few materials can make! 

Can I Build This Bigger?

Yes!  You can build this project in different sizes.  Check out the brag posts for some inspiration.  But do keep in mind a 2×12 can span about 4 feet before it starts to sag.  And also as you go taller, there might be some wobble – consider adding flat metal bar to the back to create structure as done here:

easy to build shelving

Photo submitted by JOSS

Plans to Build this Project