Corner Fireplace Ideas that Transform the Living Room

Make the fireplace the focal point of the living room this Holiday Season

We are quickly heading into that time of the year again (if not already there), when we all look for cozy and comfortable spaces that keep us toasty warm even as the world outside starts to get colder by the day. Winter is almost here and fall evenings are also starting to get more and more chilly. It is the perfect time for everyone in the family to gather around the fireplace, enjoy their favorite beverage and turn the dark, cold evening into ones filled with hot dinners and plenty of fun. As we head into the Holiday Season, the fireplace tends to increasingly become the focal point of all our celebrations (and even daily life) in the living room.

Make the fireplace the focal point of the living room this Holiday Season
Make the fireplace the focal point of the living room this Holiday Season


But there are times when the centrally placed fireplace can be bit of an inconvenience for a variety of reasons. Some homeowners might just not want the fireplace to become the singular focal point of the living room and others could be averse to hanging the TV above the fireplace – a trend that is pretty popular in contemporary homes. So, how do you solve this spatial and aesthetic conundrum? With a dashing and ingenious corner fireplace of course! And we are here to help you with creating the perfect living space with a gorgeous corner fireplace along with ample inspiration –

Make Space for a Lot More

Is your decision of placing the fireplace in the corner one that is largely determined by spatial constraints? Then we have the perfect solution for you in shape of the classic and timeless freestanding fireplace. The traditional wood burning fireplace in its more “old world” look is one that fits in with a variety of living room styles varying from eclectic and traditional to farmhouse and rustic. For the modern, minimal and contemporary living spaces, you can use the more modern freestanding fireplaces that are easy to install and save plenty of square footage. Most of these models in black make an even greater visual impact in modern homes clad in light, neutral hues.

Freestanding fireplace in the corner takes little effort to put in [From: Pink Dwelling]
Tiny living space with modern farmhouse style feels cozy and comfortable [From: Unique Homestays]
Vintage-styled fireplace in the corner of the contemporary living room in black is hard to spot [From: oneione interiors]
Freestanding corner fireplace is easy to install in even the smallest living space

Combined with Bookcases and Media Units

In case of most living rooms, one or two corners are often under-utilized, if not totally neglected. The corner fireplace can illuminate this forgotten space beautifully, put it to complete use and leave the main wall of the living room untouched. This opens a whole new world of decorating possibilities and provides additional space for bookshelves, TV entertainment unit or anything else you might fancy. Combine the two elements, extend the corner fireplace mantle to morph into additional shelves or add built-in seating next to the corner fireplace to explore the many perks on offer here.

Light-filled art deco living room with a corner living space that illuminates the entire space [From: Dan Waibel Designer Builder]
White corner fireplace seamlessly blends in with the style and color of the fireplace [From: HartmanBaldwin Design]
Combine the bookshelf or the entertainment unit with the corner fireplace for a more curated look [From: Boulevard Tile and Stone]
Custom fireplace and entertainment unit blend into one in this small, modern living room [From: BW Interiors]

Gather Around the Cozy Corner Fireplace

Yes, having a TV above the fireplace is fun. It does make ample sense to utilize the additional space around the corner fireplace by adding shelves and storage units. But the true charm of the corner fireplace is the way it allows you to create a comfortable and warm focal point in the living room around which everyone can gather with ease. The semi-circular arrangement of seats around the corner fireplace naturally makes room for more people. It also frees up the center of the room for the couch and club chairs you use on a daily basis. Unleashing a host of decorating benefits, the corner fireplace is a hot trend in the living room as you head into winter!

Classic fireplaces in the corner make a statement almost instantly
Eye-catching stone fireplace in the corner makes the biggest impact in this double-height transitional living room [From: KA Designs]
Modern living room in gray and wood with a fabulous fireplace in the corner [From: LaBella Associates]
Moroccan Loft style living space with a beautiful corner fireplace [From: Kimball Starr Interior Design]
Polished contemporary living room in white with a sleek fireplace in the corner that matches its style [From: Designs by Priya]

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