Breezy and Cheerful Small Pebble Beach Cottage Makeover

Gorgeous and relaxing interior of the small Pebble Beach cottage

Holiday Season is here, fall is almost over and winter is knocking on the door firmly. It is time when things outside start getting uncomfortably cold and many of us long for the warmer times we have left behind. Even if we cannot actually change the weather outside, we can alter the perception of the world around us by creating a home that feels cheerful, bright and cozy. Even if you love the look of the classic cabin style in winters, there is still ample space for the classic beach style this winter. And that is exactly the style chosen by Studio Schicketanz for the makeover of this small cottage in Pebble Beach.

Gorgeous and relaxing interior of the small Pebble Beach cottage
Gorgeous and relaxing interior of the small Pebble Beach cottage


The idea behind the makeover was to revamp an interior to usher in more natural light, create a sense of freshness and to ensure that there is no sense of dullness even through the darker winter months. A series of floor-to-ceiling glass walls and windows with wooden frame bring natural light into that living room that is neatly filtered by the soft sheer curtains. The woodsy ceiling and floor add a touch of charismatic coastal vibe to the setting with the dining area and kitchen place on a level higher than the living area.

Mirrored millwork throughout the house helps in creating a more cheerful, beach style
Modern beach style bathroom in white with smart, stylish lighting
Open plan beach style living space with kitchen and dining area
Series of skylights and newly added windows bring light into this small beach style bathroom
Small skylight and a lovely bay window connect this bedroom with the view outside while ushering in ample natural light

Smartly placed windows, mirrors in different rooms along with a neutral color palette put the final touches on the beachy transformation. A skylight in the bathroom and the window seat in the small, comfortable bedroom also improve the ventilation indoors while neatly placed sconce and recessed lights illuminate the interior after sunset. A resourceful and pleasant makeover!

A slight change in the height of the floor delineates the living space from kitchen and dining
Curated interior of the Pebble Beach cottage showcases the lovely artifact collection of the homeowners
Mirrored cabinet doors in the bedroom give it a more spacious and brighter visual appeal

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