Best Yoga Space Ideas for Home: Relax, Rejuvenate and Escape the Rush!



Fitness means different things for different folk. Some love the idea of cardio on a daily basis, others prefer strength training regularly and then there are those who require conditioning that combines the two along with a bit of low-impact workouts like yoga once in a while. Despite its undeniable Indian roots, Yoga has become a global phenomenon of note with some of the top athletes across the world also vouching for it. From improving flexibility and stability to enhancing concentration and calm, when done right, yoga can drastically change your health.

Rustic deck surrounded by greenery and a water feature is the perfect place for your yoga sessions
Rustic deck surrounded by greenery and a water feature is the perfect place for your yoga sessions [From: Clearwater Summit Group]


But we are not here today to convince you into taking up yoga and neither are we going to discuss any more about its pros and cons. Instead, we want to share with all the yoga enthusiasts out there and those who are just starting out what an ideal home yoga space should look like. From custom studios I the backyard to small niches in the living room, the home yoga space is different for different folk. In testing times that have forced us to stay indoors, this could be your contemplative, rejuvenating and healthy escape. And you will discover down the line, you really do not need all that much for a great home yoga space!

Discover your Yoga Space

As we alluded to earlier, a functional home yoga space is different for different folk. Some might prefer one that is modest, makeshift and is just an empty corner in the kitchen, living area or even the bedroom. Others might want an exclusive yoga studio and workout space in the backyard where they spend plenty of hours each day. No matter which road you take, it is important to get a few basics right. For starters, think about de-cluttering the area and remember that in here less is always the best option. You want a well-ventilated niche for your yoga practice with adequate natural light and ventilation.

Beautiful small home yoga studio with all the basics in the right place!
Charming and calming yoga space keeps things simple with floor cushions in white and ample natural light [From: Rozalynn Woods Interior Design]
Spacious and cheerful yoga studio that everyone in the family can enjoy [From: Joshua Smith]
White walls and beige floor offer the perfect backdrop for this yoga studio [From: LDa Architecture & Interiors]

An Exclusive Yoga Cabin

The exclusive yoga cabin is one where you can decorate the space with a vibe that is inspired by your favorite yoga studio. Here you can add accessories and decorative wall art pieces with an ‘Indian theme’, maybe bring in a Buddha head or a water feature just outside and choose a backdrop in muted hues along with a bit of woodsy warmth. Loud colors do not really sit well with these settings and a are a distraction bets avoided. Even with an open yoga studio with glass walls, you still should be careful not to go overboard with the decorative pieces. We believe that an empty studio is much more apt for yoga than one that is cluttered and off-putting.

Exclusive yoga cabin in the backyard surrounded by greenery [From: SHKS Architects]
Glass doors easily bring nature and the view indoors!
Recreate the magic of your favorite yoga studio at home! [From: FLO Design Studio]
Contemporary home yoga studio feels as relaxing after sunset as it does during daytime

Finding Solace in Nature

Yes, a gorgeous wall art piece depicting om in the backdrop, scented candles and other flea market finds are great to set the mood, but adding a bit of greenery to the yoga space is the best decorative choice. You can take your yoga practice outside and on to the pool deck or the balcony and this little area can be your regular yoga space when with the simple addition of a mat and a few plants here and there. Yoga is as much about harmony within you as it is about finding harmony around you and this means nature is an integral part of it all.

Fabulous home office, gym and yoga studio rolled into one large,s pace-savvy setting
Keep things minimal and uncluttered in the lovely yoga studio
Mat, a built-in bench and minimal decor adorn this modern yoga space in a living room [From: Karen Maximo-Fernando]
Neutral colors on the wall and a wooden floor make for a perfect backdrop to create your home yoga space [From: Serenity Design]

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