Beautiful Blue Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Mix Black and Blue


You can never go wrong with the color blue for your kitchen cabinets. This color has a way of bringing some calm to every home and every room they touch. Blue color can be used in kitchen cabinets, bathrooms, and guest bedrooms because of its tranquilizer feature that will put you into a state of peace.

If you’re a tastemaker who loves bold things, then you’ll appreciate layers of floor-to-ceiling color. But if you’re hesitant when it comes to adding a splash of cornflower blue, try working it into just your island pop won’t be a big deal.

Here are some of the gorgeous blue kitchen cabinet ideas that will inspire you to adopt them at home:

Mix Black and Blue

If you want a more modern twist on the classic blue kitchen cabinets, why not give them a shot of black? It’s also an idea for those that want to add contrast to their new design. With enough white ceiling to lift the colors, it will never let you down. Items like clear pendants, white ceilings, and marble countertops will help your cooking space feel continuous and lifted. 

Mix Black and Blue
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Consider Playing with Blue and Brown

If you want colors that go together well, we suggest exploring the shades of blue and brown. If you go for darker shades, then it’s going to look casual and inviting. If you choose lighter tones,  your kitchen could feel more formal and stylish at the same time.

Display Modern Rustic Kitchen

The sleek backsplash and countertop of this blue kitchen idea will give you an impression of modern rustic style. The dark gray cabinets will provide the necessary storage space, while the black appliances will perfectly fit your kitchen idea. 

Display Modern Rustic Kitchen
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The deep blue color emphasizes that feeling of spaciousness in this kitchen so if you are creative enough, try out this kitchen remodel idea, which can do wonders for your kitchen.

Add a Matching Breakfast Nook

Your cooking space should not be hanging in the color department; instead, keep the paint coming into breakfast nooks. A gorgeous deep blue kitchen idea brings real magic into your breakfast nook. An elegant round table looks awesome in this kitchen; however, it can easily be replaced with a square one if you are more of a classic person.

Try Out Fiestaware Kitchen

This is another vintage-inspired cooking space that comes with colorful fiestaware kitchen ideas. If you are tired of eating dinner in a gray and white space, having a pop of color might be the breath of fresh air your kitchen needs. 

The collection is displayed on the open shelving above the blue cabinetry. Marble counters and white subway tile in the backsplash are a perfect backdrop for all of these fun colors.

Consider Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

If you’re looking for a modern, bright kitchen that’s echoed with rural landscape, then you’ll find it in this space. The room is defined by the open shelves made entirely of white-washed wood, which also provide a hutch for displaying plates and serving trays. 

Consider Modern Farmhouse Kitchen
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Color blue cabinets complement the gray stone countertops while popping pink pantry doors giving off an airy vibe. The lower cabinets are painted with a soft shade to set the rustic tone.

Modern Blue Cabinets

Bring out that beauty of timber countertop and redwood-wrapped vent into your kitchen by using an electric shade of blue. The reclaimed redwood is locally sourced wooden water tanks, which gives it an organic balance to an otherwise sleek and modern design.

Showcase a Metallic Highlight

Make your space feel more industrial and feel live-in by showing off a kick of denim blue. This will make your space pop out against all of the white walls. The silvery grays, chrome appliances, black paint, and brassy fixtures won’t feel steely, thanks to this blue infusion in the form of an island.

The white countertops, sink, and trim will help to give your room a definition. Metallic accents and appliances will also add sparkle to your elegant cooking space.

Retro Painted Cabinets

Spruce up your old wood with a few coats of paint. For example, you can treat your cupboards with a shade called Hague blue to achieve that retro flair. A handcrafted ceramic tile can also bring brightness and texture to your room. This will leave you with the charming kitchen that you’ve been looking for.

Glossy Blue Kitchen Cabinetry

Reflect the light with some sleek blue-tinted cabinets. The beauty of high gloss is that it reflects light, brightening up your space against all odds. Make these panels pop against white walls by adding a few colorful water glasses to the mix.

To use dark blue successfully in your small kitchen, limit the color to one element like a single bank of cabinets and the kitchen island. A high gloss sheen paint can help you lighten up dark blue cabinets by naturally brightening the space.

Sky Blue Kitchen Cabinetry

Think of the sky on a clear blue day. Isn’t it beautiful? Well, now you can enjoy some of that color indoors with this tall paint job. Hang some tall cabinets against the wall to create more space for your kitchen stuff, freeing up floor-to-ceiling space below. For a sky blue with a little more presence, pick one of the midrange tones on the swatch and not the lighter shades.

Turquoise Kitchen Cabinets

Dark turquoise cabinets seem to float within a kitchen designed for entertaining. The right shade of blue can instantly impact the mood of your kitchen. A sunny yellow backsplash helps to brighten up this classic combination of white cabinets and dark green walls. It’s an easy update that works just as well with casual modern home decor as it would for country charm.

Go with Groovy Wooden Cabinets

Do not only focus on paint. Instead, consider things like tints, stains, and thinner coats of lacquer to let wood grains and other materials shine through. For example, you can use a blue wooden cabinet base to inject the space with a groovy near 70s vibe. You can proceed to perpetuate your vibe with the patterned wall and pendant lights.

Blue Cottage Kitchen

Blue is the color of peace and tranquility. This calming hue would perfectly bring out your sweet side while making you more productive at work since blue also stimulates creative thinking. Blue cottage kitchen opens outdoors, offering you a space to prepare and enjoy meals in relaxing comfort. The white cabinets, countertops, and woodworks set their pretty pastels with crisp detailing.

The subtle tones and organic shapes of the flagstone flooring would perfectly complement the sleek contemporary design. The cabinets are smartly designed, making them more functional than usual with open shelves and added hardware for easy access to your cooking tools.

Coordinating Cabinets

A blend of blue and wood tones will serve as a high color palette without resorting to eternal classics. The room features blue cabinets that are painted over with white for elegance and cleanliness. The clean lines and rounding edges give a softer impression. While the cream-colored appliances offer a nice contrast to all of this.

Try ColorBlocking

White, wood and blue makeup make your kitchen look gorgeous by a color-blocked appearance, thanks to the wood paneling on a white waterfall island and blue cabinetry behind it. The colors and materials stay front and center, making an inimitable statement. 

Try ColorBlocking
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Add a Bit of Leather

Blue itself makes a major statement, but you can take it up a notch by incorporating leather pulls. Apart from this material being gorgeous, they can amplify the space further by picking up the colors in the wood countertops, giving your space more warmth.

FAQs on Beautiful Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Is a blue kitchen too trendy?

Yes, navy cabinets are very fashionable, but they also work well in modern kitchens. The navy is always stylish because it goes with everything and looks great in small or large doses. You can mix navy cabinets with white walls, marble countertops, and black appliances to create a sophisticated space.

Is the blue kitchen cabinet color hard to maintain?

It doesn’t matter if the color is more subtle or vibrant; all shades of blue are easy to maintain. All you need is a general-purpose cleaner and a few microfiber towels. But you can take your time to learn how to clean inside your kitchen cabinets with ease.

Final Thought on Beautiful Blue Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

As you can see, there’re so many blue kitchen cabinets out there. Make your cooking space feel bigger and brighter by choosing blue cabinets. You can add pops of color with accessories or leave everything neutral for a sophisticated look.



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