10 Unique Planters You Can Make at Home



You can find cute planters pretty much anywhere, but if you’re feeling crafty (and want to make one at home) I’m sharing some DIY options—and most of them are easy. I’m focusing on the planters in our archives that look the most unique to me—hope you feel the same!

I love these gradient planters—they have a midcentury look to them and the gradient effect is so fun. I love decorating with a lot of color!

These hanging planters remind me of something from West Elm, but they are homemade. Well, halfway homemade because we used bowls like this as the base.

This skinny planter stand requires a little more work, but it’s totally worth the effort. I love the mix of gold and pink!

This clay petal planter is my favorite on the list—that thick clay texture with the rainbow colors? So good.

Rachel made this set of hanging planters for her office using gold metal rings and wood scraps. I love how much hanging planters add to the corner of a room. Faux succulents and air plants are perfect for these if you don’t want to mess with watering.

If you really want to transform the look of the outside of your home, this house number planter is where it’s at. It reminds me of Palm Springs!

These fabric planters remind me of Laura’s rope rug DIY from years ago. You could make a set of these to give as gifts—so cute!

How cool are these hanging terrariums? They can turn a plain wall into a statement wall and they are easy to make.

File this one under “epic projects.” It’s not just a faux planter box (which is already adorable by itself) but it also doubles as a hidden storage area for kiddo toys and more. Laura = a genius!

Last, but never least, this wooden bead planter—a DIY with a skill level I’m comfortable with! Haha. So simple, but cute as ever. :))

Happy crafting, plant ladies (gentleman too!). 💚, Jacki